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Give Up the Ghost - American Nightmare

Photos: Give Up the Ghost at the Wonderland Ballroom

Give Up the Ghost/American Nightmare reunite for two gigs after almost eight years -- with their first show ravaging a hearty crowd at Revere's Wonderland Ballroom on December 29.
Give Up the Ghost | Wonderland Ballroom | December 29, 2011
By MIKE JOHNSON  |  December 30, 2011

Looney Tunes' three decades of vinyl bliss

Among the faded LP sleeves crowding the Boylston-facing windows of Looney Tunes Records is a carefully hand-lettered sign written in black marker: "33 1/3 YEAR BIRTHDAY SALE. EVERY ITEM 33 1/3 % OFF LIST PRICE."
Right round baby right round
By EUGENIA WILLIAMSON  |  December 09, 2011
Meet the Mayor: Armageddon Records

Meet the Mayor: Armageddon Records

Welcome to "Meet the Mayor," a segment in which we interview local Foursquare Mayors in their natural habitats. Armageddon RecordsCraig Silva Why pay for music...
By Barry Thompson  |  December 08, 2011
opie list

Catherine Opie and 'The Record' at the ICA

Catherine Opie first became known in the early '90s for blunt lesbian self-portraits and posed photos of the queer community.  
Bearing witness and baring vinyl
By GREG COOK  |  April 29, 2011
ATF list

After the Fire

As long as the Scientologist did not steal my 2 Live Crew acetate, I was okay with her wearing my girlfriend's pajama pants.
Desert-island discs are fine for the beach. But when the house is burning down, you find out which records really matter.
By DAVE TOMPKINS  |  April 15, 2011

Wax Museum

If you don't cringe, at least a little bit and maybe a lot, when you see Sean Duffy's Burn Out Sun (2003) — a sculptural starburst of crisscrossing LPs bearing the immortal Sun Records label — then you probably aren't much of a record fan.
 Cringe worthy
By CARLY CARIOLI  |  April 15, 2011

Podcast:  Trevor Schoonmaker on The Record at the ICA 4-12-11

Podcast: Trevor Schoonmaker on The Record at the ICA 4-12-11

Trevor Schoonmaker, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Nasher Museum, talks about The Record, Contemporary Art and Vinyl, opening at the ICA 4/15.  To learn...
By FNXAdmin  |  April 12, 2011

In an iPod world, Broadway goes vinyl

Dave Lifrieri, owner of Analog Underground on Broadway, was in the eighth grade listening to Beatles and Led Zeppelin on vinyl when the CD player — and the inevitable avalanche of remasters — made their full arrival.
Records Department
By DAVID SCHARFENBERG  |  April 01, 2011
PODCAST: Finally my VCR is back in style [MP3]

PODCAST: Finally my VCR is back in style [MP3]

Dust off that VCR grandma gave you in '82 and get ready for the VHS revival! Despite the 3D-IMAX-bells-and-whistles craze happening at your local 65...
By Alec Ernest  |  January 31, 2011

Photos: The Slutcracker 2010

The Slutcracker: A Burlesque takes its sexy  Nutcracker makeover to the Somerville Theatre through December 24, 2010.
A burlesque take on The Nutcracker
By DEREK KOUYOUMJIAN  |  December 17, 2010

Championship vinyl

You have a better chance of hearing Taylor Swift songs banging out of Kanye’s tinted windows than you do of hearing either of their pop asses on the Good Life speakers during Fever.
Flavorheard, Frank White, and Mister Jason are Fever  
By CHRIS FARAONE  |  April 02, 2010


Hot Box experiment on themselves

We’ll get to Stolzenberg’s band in a minute; right now I’m engrossed in her PhD work at Boston College.
Lab Rats
By MATT PARISH  |  March 23, 2009

Weirdo Records sets up shop

"I have a philosophy degree, which has really come in handy in my life," says Weirdo Records owner Angela Sawyer. "Especially when I'm sitting here watching some guy drool snot on a $50 record."
Against all odds
By MATT PARISH  |  January 20, 2009

Review: Appetite for Self-Destruction

Like any good murder mystery, Steve Knopper's Appetite for Self-Destruction keeps the tension high and the action swift as the search for a culprit drags on.
How the record industry killed itself
By JEFF TAMARKIN  |  January 13, 2009

Luke’s Record Exchange will spring back to life

When Luke T. Renchan announced in March that his landmark record shop, Luke’s Record Exchange in Pawtucket, was closing after 29 years in business, it was a sad and not very unsurprising story.
Retail Rebound
By IAN DONNIS  |  October 29, 2008