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Should sportswriters be allowed to gamble on sports?

Some pre-Super Bowl food for thought from my Boston Phoenix colleague Sean Kerrigan: Financial...Originally posted on Chris Faraone's book, "How I Learned to Stop...
By Chris Faraone  |  February 04, 2011

Beer and cheese unite!

As disappointed Patriots fans, we're definitely going to need some quality beer and snacks to get through the Super Bowl this year. While chicken wings, pizza, or chips and dip will be served at most houses come kickoff, I'm opting for what I consider t
A super pairing for the big game
By JOSH SMITH  |  February 04, 2011

A stellar Super Bowl spread matters when no one cares who wins

While Patriots fans may not have much enthusiasm for this year's Super Bowl, that's hardly an excuse not to bring your A game to the party.
Bring your best game
By LEISCHEN STELTER  |  February 04, 2011
The Madden Curse!

The Madden Curse!

 Check this, courtesy of Big Jim, who loves him some football...and some Madden. (click blog title for link) 
By Adam12  |  February 08, 2010

What I learned from this year's Super Bowl ads

Men enjoy watching sports, while women prefer shopping (seriously, has there ever been a bigger, more obvious cliche? It's not funny. At all. It's not...
By Adam12  |  February 08, 2010