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Iceage | You're Nothing

There's something intriguing about the ways Copenhagen punk band Iceage seem simultaneously to care so much and so little.
Matador Records (2013)
By LIZ PELLY  |  February 15, 2013

Dropkick Murphys: Talking punk, place, and parochialism with the last gang in town.

The day after the world didn't end — and a couple of weeks before the January 8 release of their new album Signed and Sealed in Blood — I met up with Dropkick Murphys' Ken Casey, Matt Kelly, and James Lynch at Mul's Diner in Southie.


Photos: Ted Leo at 826 Boston

Ted Leo performs at a secret show at 826 Boston on November 26, 2012.

By DEREK KOUYOUMJIAN  |  December 21, 2012

Cellars by Starlight: Human Sexual Response

CDs might now be an outdated medium, but there was a time when everything on the format was available — except for one of the great rock records of the early '80s: 1981's In a Roman Mood by legendary Boston punk/new wave/whatever band Human Sexual Resp

By JONATHAN DONALDSON  |  November 09, 2012

What's F'n Next? Swearin'

Allison Crutchfield grew up in the punk-rock world of DIY. And with her newest band, Swearin', she's released one of the best records of the year.

By LIZ PELLY  |  October 19, 2012

Interview: God save John Lydon

When Sex Pistols impresario Malcolm McLaren coined the phrase "cash from chaos," he may have been describing his own filthy lucre, but for the members of rock's most explosive group, the fiduciary comeuppance was and has been eternally forthcoming.

By DANIEL BROCKMAN  |  October 12, 2012


Sun Airway | Soft Fall

One of the more remarkable evolutions in the contemporary musical underground may be Jon Barthmus's decade-long peregrination from hardcore punk to the ambitious electro-pop of Sun Airway.
Dead Oceans Records (2012)
By JAY BREITLING  |  October 12, 2012

Adam Ant tries to climb back on top

"Ridicule is nothing to be scared of," sang Stuart Leslie Goddard, a/k/a Adam Ant, on his seminal 1981 pop/post-punk smash "Prince Charming."

By DANIEL BROCKMAN  |  October 05, 2012

Occupy energy ramps up Boston’s student power movement

On a gray Saturday afternoon in Cambridge, the first meeting of Boston's new student power movement is assembled in a Harvard auditorium: about 50 students from more than eight Boston-area schools, working out goals, structures, and values.
OB 201: Intro to Tuition Strikes  
By LIZ PELLY  |  September 14, 2012

The proper intentions of Frank Turner

On July 27, Frank Turner played the biggest show of his life while surrounded by sheep, actors dressed as Brits of different stripes, a Ferris wheel, a synthetic recreation of the English countryside, and an unfathomably massive crowd.
Punk makes good
By REYAN ALI  |  August 31, 2012

Potty Mouth spring out of Northampton

On the top floor of Ally Einbinder's house in Western Mass, back behind her Creamsicle-colored bedroom, is a tiny attic with low ceilings, lit by one pink lamp, with walls covered in Xeroxed, vintage punk posters.
Rural development
By LIZ PELLY  |  August 24, 2012


Nü Sensae | Sundowning

Grunge-punk shriekers Nü Sensae hail from Vancouver, and originally formed as the duo of bassist/vocalist Andrea Lukic and drummer Daniel Pitout.
Suicide Squeeze
By ANNIE ZALESKI  |  August 24, 2012

Feminist punks in Russia jailed for up to seven years for their “punk prayer”

On a February afternoon in Moscow, ten or so 20-something Russian women enter the city's main church, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, wearing short dresses, neon tights, and bright, matching balaclavas — knitted ski masks concealing their identitie
Punks against Putin
By LIZ PELLY  |  August 03, 2012

Review: Lollipop Chainsaw

At least this high-kicking, somersaulting, zombie-fighting, magical school girl protagonist is of legal ogling age!
Mixed messages
By MADDY MYERS  |  June 29, 2012

The righteousness of Japandroids

The same week I first heard Celebration Rock (Polyvinyl), the new sophomore LP by Canadian rock duo Japandroids, I bought a plane ticket to Spain.
House that rock built
By LIZ PELLY  |  June 22, 2012
Slideshow: Dengue Fever and Omar Souleyman

Photos: Dengue Fever and Omar Souleyman at the Paradise Rock Club

Dengue Fever and Omar Souleyman played the Paradise Rock Club on June 3, 2012.
 Dengue Fever and Omar Souleyman | Paradise Rock Club | June 3, 2012
By COLLEEN MAGYAR  |  June 08, 2012


Fawn | Coastlines

Jaded girl-boy harmonies, gleeful three-chord riffs, healthy doses of punkish noise and emo melody: Coastlines , the debut LP from Detroit indie-pop quartet Fawn, feels like a charming souvenir from a musical era two decades in the rear-view.
Quite Scientific Records (2012)
By RYAN REED  |  June 08, 2012

The punk business plan of Cock Sparrer

If you play in, work with, or write about bands, you've doubtlessly listened to dozens of wheeler-and-dealers pitch purportedly clever plans to "make it" in the music biz.
Oi! To the World
By BARRY THOMPSON  |  May 18, 2012

Japandroids | Celebration Rock

When I was a teenager who truly cared only for emotions-on-the-sleeve punk rock, I came up with the dumbest idea: if I ever reviewed records by breaking down individual categories (production, lyrics, whatever), I'd include a grade for "heart" or "passio
Polyvinyl (2012)
By REYAN ALI  |  May 11, 2012

Ramming Speed find their cruising altitude

In the mid-'80s it was considered you-put-your-peanut-butter-in-my-chocolate when bands like Black Flag dared to tippy-toe into metal territory with their punk attack.
Punk metalurgy
By DANIEL BROCKMAN  |  April 20, 2012

Screaming Females | Ugly

It's nice to know a woman as talented as singer-guitarist Marissa Paternoster was influenced by Our Band Could Be Your Life, despite Kim Gordon being the only woman in it.
Don Giovanni (2012)
By DAN WEISS  |  April 20, 2012


Bad Brains refuse to compromise

Most bands tend to take credit for their successes while chalking up their failures and struggles to a cruel and unforgiving musical environment — but hardcore punk legends Bad Brains aren't most bands.
Still sailin’
By DANIEL BROCKMAN  |  April 13, 2012

A talk with Sam McPheeters

One of the most interesting people to emerge from the second generation of US punk rock, Sam McPheeters has had a pretty full life.
This punk is a writer
By NICHOLAS SCHROEDER  |  April 06, 2012

The Men | Open Your Heart

The Men — a four-piece post-punk band that began playing Brooklyn basements and national self-booked tours in 2008 — have accomplished a feat.
Sacred Bones (2011)
By LIZ PELLY  |  March 23, 2012

Smash It Dead Fest goes after rape culture

Smash It Dead Fest happens this weekend in Allston and Cambridge, with three days of punk shows and feminist workshops to raise funds for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center.
No joke
By LIZ PELLY  |  March 23, 2012
Band: Ceremony. Album: Zoo

Ceremony | Zoo

Ceremony aren't as intellectual or dryly hilarious as Wire and don't attempt a comparable stylistic variety, but the raucous Zoo is a fine tribute to Wire's heavier side, alternating between powerful, lumbering riffs and manic splatters of guitar nois
Matador (2012)
By GARRETT MARTIN  |  March 16, 2012


John K. Samson | Provincial

His inaugural gathering of bona-fide solo work summons an aura of full-blown tranquility.
Epitaph/Anti- (2011)
By BARRY THOMPSON  |  March 09, 2012

Anarchistic and self-trained, are street medics the future of first aid?

April 25, 2009: outside of the IMF/World Bank meeting in Washington, DC, police with batons are attacking a group of protesters.
Medic alert
By LIZ PELLY  |  February 17, 2012

Out: Preparing for one H.E.L.L. of a weekend in Cambridge

Next weekend at the Democracy Center in Harvard Square, Vermont DIY label Get Stoked! Records and bike safety group Helping Everyone Live Long (H.E.L.L.) will co-host a weekend with a stacked line-up of Northeast punk, hardcore, indie rock, pop-punk, and
Protecting your interests
By LIZ PELLY  |  February 17, 2012

Interview: Alice Bag of Stay at Home Bomb

Alice Bag (nee Armendariz), who shone bright in the Los Angeles punk scene of the late-1970s, will be in town Saturday to read from her book Violence Girl: East L.A. Rage to Hollywood Stage and to play a few tunes at 7 pm at Rochambeau Library.
Once a punk rocker, always a punk rocker
By DAVID SCHARFENBERG  |  February 10, 2012