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Letting it rip with Grey Valley Ghost

Rarely does the subject go into an interview with their own set of notes, but that's exactly what Grey Valley Ghost frontman/guitarist Madison Taylor did when he checked in from his hometown of Atlanta last weekend.
Rock heavy
By MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER  |  July 13, 2012

Dry The River | Shallow Bed

Just what the world needed: Mumford & Sons put into a blender with Fleet Foxes, served with an Arcade Fire garnish— it's like a late-aughts hipstercocktail.
RCA (2012)
By MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER  |  April 20, 2012

Nada Surf look to the galaxy for answers

For Matthew Caws, songwriting isn't exactly fun. In fact, it's more like agony.
By RYAN REED  |  April 06, 2012

Photos: Grouplove + Young the Giant at The House of Blues

Grouplove + Young the Giant played The House of Blues on Thursday, March 8, 2012.
Grouplove + Young the Giant | House of Blues | Thursday, March 8, 2012
By JOSH BERLINGER  |  March 16, 2012

Powering up with the Smith Westerns

Sometimes when we settle into the tattered sofa of lo-fi pop music, it's easy to imagine that the artists intended for it to be made this way.
Bye-bye lo-fi
By JONATHAN DONALDSON  |  January 27, 2012

Madonna, Sleigh Bells, Rick Ross, Lana Del Rey, and Grimes highlight early 2012 releases; plus, a concert sampler

There's nothing particularly apocalyptic about the releases thus far slated for 2012: perhaps this is the way that the music world melts down, with a whimper rather than a bang, right?
Winter forecast
By DANIEL BROCKMAN  |  December 30, 2011


Indie labels fill the majors' void in 2011

During a year when political conversations are increasingly focused on the widening gap between the rich and poor, the corporate elite versus the rest of the world, it makes sense that arts criticism follow.
DIY or die
By LIZ PELLY  |  December 23, 2011

Coming clean with Girls of San Francisco

"Talking about drugs is very boring. It's more interesting to take them," says Christopher Owens over the phone.
Cult of personality
By BARRY THOMPSON  |  September 23, 2011

Paley & Francis | Paley and Francis

The fact that Paley and Francis wrote this album together over the course of three afternoons and then recorded it in two is part of its charm.
Sonic Unyon (2011)
By NICK A. ZAINO III  |  September 09, 2011

Cymbals Eat Guitars | Lenses Alien

It's the most indie-rock-sounding thing you'll hear all year — which means, briefly, Cymbals Eat Guitars sound kinda-sorta conventional.
Barsuk (2011)
By RYAN REED  |  September 09, 2011

The National carry indie rock's aging flag

The National seem to be among the ranks of Bon Iver, Adele, and TV on the Radio as some of the fresh-faced replacements for tired cranks like Sting, Billy Joel, and the Eagles when it comes to the music Baby Boomers and — now Gen-Xers — are latching on
Elder statesman
By MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER  |  September 09, 2011

Unknown Mortal Orchestra cd review

Unknown Mortal Orchestra | Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Fat Possum is having perhaps its best year . . . well, ever. Not only will the Mississippi label turn over a new leaf by releasing the debut album from Odd Future duo MellowHype later this month, their 2011 batting average for jangly little lo-fi gems
Fat Possum (2011)
By JILLIAN MAPES  |  July 01, 2011
sub pop reissue cd review

Sebadoh | Bakesale [Reissue]

Generally, Lou Barlow's sad-sack lyrics and confused-young-man shtick are most potent to the young and overemotional. But compared to 1996's Harmacy , Barlow's maudlin tendencies are relatively reined in throughout Bakesale's 15 straightforward rockers
Sub Pop (2011)
By GARRET MARTIN  |  July 01, 2011

In the Audience + Milkman's Union + Dirty Dishes at SPACE Gallery, May 29

Dinner ran a bit late, and when I finally arrived at SPACE, the Dirty Dishes were on their last song.
Music seen
By AMANDA PLEAU  |  June 03, 2011
AM list

Arctic Monkeys escape the pitfalls of buzz

Three for three with critically acclaimed #1 albums in their native UK. Top spots in countries around the world with each release. Early hype for their forthcoming Suck It and See (Domino). That's a pretty good track record.
Post-hype sleeper
By LUKE O'NEIL  |  May 13, 2011
the cold allure of Toro y Moi

The cold allure of Toro y Moi(1)

Listening to the music of Toro y Moi, one can almost hear the years of juvenile tape swapping, the late-night DJ conversations, and even the city-kid confidence and swagger that it must take to put music this fresh — this good — on the map.
 Wave lengths
By JONATHAN DONALDSON  |  April 08, 2011


Withered Hand | Good News

Good News is the sound of a gifted writer declaring his humanity in all its filthy, fucked-up glory.
Absolutely Kosher (2011)
By NICK A. ZAINO III  |  March 18, 2011

Photos: Yellowbirds CD Release Party at Lily Pad

Sam Cohen (Apollo Sunshine) and his cohorts in Yelllowbirds celebrated the release of debut full-length album The Color at Lily Pad on February 26, 2011.  
Yellowbirds | Lilly Pad | February 26, 2011
By ANDREW MCFARLAND  |  March 04, 2011
Interpol at House of Blues

Photos: Interpol at House of Blues

Concert photos of Interpol at House of Blues on February 19th.  
Interpol | House of Blues | February 19, 2011
By STEPHANIE ROSE  |  February 25, 2011
photos of Laura Stevenson at Great Scott

Photos: Laura Stevenson at Great Scott

Laura Stevenson performs live at Great Scott on February 9, 2011.  
Laura Stevenson | Great Scott | February 9, 2011
By NINA MASHUROVA  |  February 11, 2011

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Rule #17 of survival in the DIY-ish indie-rock circuit: always stay busy.
Hardly Art (2011)
By REYAN ALI  |  February 11, 2011


Photos: Tokyo Police Club and Two Door Cinema Club at the Paradise

Tokyo Police Club and Two Door Cinema Club play live at the Paradise Rock Club on January 19, 2011.
Tokyo Police Club + Two Door Cinema Club | Paradise Rock Club | January 19, 2011
By KELSEY MARIE BELL  |  February 04, 2011

Iron & Wine | We Kiss Each Other Clean

Sam Beam, the bearded craftsman otherwise known as Iron & Wine, is the very personification of musical consistency.
Warner Bros. (2011)
By RYAN REED  |  February 04, 2011

Photos: The Decemberists at the House of Blues

The Decemberists play an acoustic set at the Foundation Room at the House of Blues on January 29, 2011.
The Decemberists | House of Blues | January 29, 2011
By STEPHANIE ROSE  |  February 04, 2011

How the Decemberists ruined indie rock

If you're a regular reader of the Phoenix's music section, you'll have noticed a decided uptick in the space devoted to electronic music here lately: electro, laptop lo-fi, chillwave, superstar DJs, and whatever other bullshit genre we're about to hype n
Colin Meloy's crew have much to answer for
By LUKE O'NEIL  |  January 28, 2011

Hooray for Earth find new life in the dirty Apple

Sometimes it's well and good to wave the flag of home-town pride and condemn New York City as an overhyped, overcrowded, unholy chore to drive through. Other times, you've got to get the fuck out of Boston.
C'mon get happy!
By BARRY THOMPSON  |  January 21, 2011


Ra Ra Riot graduate to the indie elite

When you listen to Mathieu Santos, you might imagine that Ra Ra Riot have enjoyed a charmed rise to indie fame, everything coming a little too easy for the erstwhile college students.
Senior project
By ALEXANDRA CAVALLO  |  November 26, 2010

Guided by Voices return with self-inflicted nostalgia

When Guided by Voices announced their reunion tour this year, it marked a milestone of sorts for the Dayton band. This is arguably the first conventional career move they've ever made.
The club is open, once again
By BRETT MILANO  |  November 05, 2010

Photos: Frightened Rabbit at the Paradise Rock Club

Frightened Rabbit perform live at the Paradise Rock Club on October 29, 2010.
Frightened Rabbit | Paradise Rock Club | October 29, 2010
By STEPHANIE ROSE  |  November 05, 2010

Mumford's the word

At this point, after their stunning leap to success, Mumford & Sons' greatest accomplishment has been a wholesome ability to stay grounded.
Organic growth comes quickly for Mumford & Sons
By CINDAL HEART  |  November 05, 2010