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Craig Finn | Clear Heart, Full Eyes

In the near-decade he's spent as frontman-lyricist of bar-rock saviors the Hold Steady, Craig Finn has hardly been labeled a happy camper.
By RYAN REED  |  February 17, 2012

The Fortune Healers, Broadcaster, and Makeupbreakup

The Homegrown inbox here at 150 Chestnut never ceases to amaze, with quality submissions coming down the pipe on a weekly basis.
Terrific triple play
By CHRIS CONTI  |  October 14, 2011

Port City now 18+, all the time

After something of a long, strange trip, Port City Music Hall's quest to be an 18+ venue has come to fruition.
Venue Watch
By SAM PFEIFLE  |  April 22, 2011

Franz Nicolay reboots

I’m a little worried that this interview could kill Franz Nicolay.
 Lone troubadour
By BARRY THOMPSON  |  December 03, 2010

Thrice as nice: A busy weekend for Six Star General

The weekend starts early on THURSDAY (the 21st) with a busy SIX STAR GENERAL (three shows in three days) performing an early (7 pm) opening set opening for TWO COW GARAGE at Club Hell (401.709.3923).
Off the Couch
The Hold Steady at the Met

The Hold Steady at the Met

It seems like Craig Finn has been spending time with Van Morrison in his ear-buds, and there's nothing wrong with that. The looming vibe of...
By webteam  |  October 19, 2010

The Hold Steady at Port City Music Hall

Time will tell whether The Hold Steady will ever again approach the peaks hit on their early records, but it doesn't seem to matter. There's...
By webteam  |  October 13, 2010

Fall Music Preview: Sounds abound

As the autumnal equinox fast approaches, there’s plenty of action statewide and no genre left behind from Downcity to down south to the highly-anticipated return of a local live landmark — the Met Café, now located in the Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucke
It's the busiest fall ever !
By CHRIS CONTI  |  September 17, 2010

Legacy act

What does it say about the current scene when the standard full rock band of two guitars, bass, and drums can seem novel?
Mean Creek look forward to a long road
By P. NICK CURRAN  |  June 05, 2010

Holy rollers

This record grabs you by the throat from measure one.
Ten pounds of rock in a six-song Boo Box
By SAM PFEIFLE  |  March 12, 2010

Is 2010 the Year of the Girl?

Many have argued that the descriptor "indie music" means nothing more or less than "bands Pitchfork reviews" these days, and the claim was never more true than last year
Music of the Future
By CHRISTOPHER GRAY  |  January 08, 2010

Blues summit

All-stars at Lupo’s, and more!
Off the Couch

Interview: Sarah Rainone

Sarah Rainone on growing up in Cranston and getting in touch with her inner author.
Welcome to Galestown, RI
By LOU PAPINEAU  |  May 22, 2009
leftovers list

Please please me

For pure output, not many local bands can top the Leftovers, who next week drop their fourth full-length album, Eager to Please , with Oglio/Crappy Records, since 2005's debut, Stop Drop Rock & Roll (and they had an EP before that). And we won't
The Leftovers are ready and eager
By SAM PFEIFLE  |  May 15, 2009


The convo is already off to a bumpy start with one Lou Barlow of Dinosaur Jr., phoning in from his Los Angeles residence at 10:30 am PST.
Dinosaur Jr. will roam the earth forever
By CHRIS CONTI  |  March 31, 2009

Raising the Bar (Rock)

On the "Rock and Roll Means Well" tour, Drive-By Truckers and the Hold Steady upgraded their respective brands of quintessential American bar rock with a number of arena-rock trimmings.
The Hold Steady + The Drive-By Truckers at the Orpheum, November 9, 2008
By CHRISTOPHER GRAY  |  November 11, 2008


Call it a comeback

Alabama offspring Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley have been making raucous rock and roll together in one band or another for the past 23 years, about the same time it takes most offspring to grow up and get real jobs.
The Drive-By Truckers veer from the brink
By FRANKLIN SOULTS  |  November 03, 2008

Going on sale: August 22, 2008

Kaki King, The Hold Steady, N.E.R.D., Dungen, Deerhunter and more.
Breaking news from the concert ticket trade
By GOING ON SALE  |  August 19, 2008

Tuesday Ticket Alert: Madonna, N.E.R.D., Death Cab, Hold Steady, Kings of Leon

As always, you can get first dibs on weekly ticket onsales straight to your mobile phone by texting ...
By Carly Carioli  |  August 19, 2008

Towns on the edge of darkness

If 2006’s Boys and Girls in America was the Hold Steady’s Born to Run, Stay Positive is their Darkness On the Edge of Town , where the cocksure auteur grows older and less certain of his place in the world.
The Hold Steady explore the shadows on Stay Positive
By MICHAEL ATCHISON  |  July 09, 2008

Diminishing returns

For a while, Hold Steady lead singer Craig Finn wrote terrific stories.
The Hold Steady make it hard to Stay Positive
By RICHARD BECK  |  June 24, 2008

Portland scene report: February 22, 2008

If you’re jonesing for some new Sara Cox, check out her Valentine’s Day present to the world, “White Dress and All.”
Sibilance starts now

The top 20 local albums of 2007

Whatever you may think of Portland’s live-music scene nowadays — I’d argue it’s improving.
Here’s to the cream of a very impressive crop
By SAM PFEIFLE  |  December 19, 2007

Craig’s list

It’s hard for me in almost every moment not be aware of how good things are for us.

By LOU PAPINEAU  |  October 17, 2007

We're all the Hold Steady

When’s the last time you fell so hard for a band you drove 339 miles — alone — to see them?
Fans’ notes on the band that’s sharing joy and changing lives, one gig at a time
By LOU PAPINEAU  |  October 17, 2007

Holding steady

When you think about it, the Hold Steady are the perfect Boston band.
Craig Finn returns to BC
By MIKE MILIARD  |  September 19, 2007


Post-punk pantheon

They were, by definition, misfits.
Daydream Nation  tops our list of 10 landmark albums that made indie rock
By PHOENIX STAFF  |  July 16, 2007

In the Black

Twisted Roots transformed their “reunion” into a forward-looking intent to bestride Portland once again and develop a new crop of fans who dig terrifying guitar solos and teeth-rattling vocals.
Twisted Roots return to prominence with their first full-length since 1999
By SAM PFEIFLE  |  June 20, 2007

Not better off dead

Three years ago, London’s Art Brut debuted with a punk-rock song called “Formed a Band.”
Art Brut find their way in the post-punk world
By NICK SYLVESTER  |  June 12, 2007

The 100 unsexiest men 2007: 10-1

These guys couldn't turn on a radio
By  |  April 14, 2007