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Sandcastles and sunspots: The year in art

It was a year of bracing histories — '60s assassinations, '80s pandemics, and four decades of hubris in Iraq. But 2012's best art wasn't all bad news.

By GREG COOK  |  December 21, 2012

Ladies' Man

Mario Testino is best known for photographing Princess Diana for Vanity Fair in 1997, just months before her death.
By GREG COOK  |  October 19, 2012

Ten art exhibits to check out this fall

"I think there was a kind of '80s embarrassment," says Institute of Contemporary Art curator Helen Molesworth.

By GREG COOK  |  September 21, 2012

Futures past

Since the 1980s, the art world has acted as if it wanted to forget that the Neo-Expressionist, greed-is-good, Christian, pastel-preppy conservatism of that decade ever happened.
This will have been' at the ICA Boston, November 15–March 3
By GREG COOK  |  September 21, 2012

Radcliffe Bailey and ‘Six Artists from Cairo’

From a distance Radcliffe Bailey's 2009 installation Windward Coast looks like a rolling ocean of big, burned matches, or maybe straw.
Global unrest
By GREG COOK  |  March 16, 2012

Photos: ''Gather Up the Pieces: The Andrews Shaker Collection'' at the Portland Museum of Art

The Portland Museum of Art hosts “Gather Up the Pieces: The Andrews Shaker Collection’’ through February 5, 2012.
Through February 5, 2012
By PHOENIX STAFF  |  November 04, 2011


Sage and Tanguy at Wellesley, O'Reilly and Hartley at Yezerski

Kay Sage and Yves Tanguy liked each other's paintings of surreal rocky blobs rising on vast, empty landscapes before they met in Paris in 1938, and they liked each other when they were introduced.
Kindred spirits
By GREG COOK  |  October 28, 2011
Fair sculptures at Decordova

Eva Hesse at the ICA and Tory Fair at the deCordova

Hesse's ability to imbue her art with body and blood and gravity anticipated the kinder, gentler minimalism of today's Anish Kapoor, Rachel Whiteread, and Roni Horn, as well as the fleshy fairy-tale figures of Kiki Smith. Boston sculptor Tory Fair has d
Women's work
By GREG COOK  |  July 29, 2011

Review: Iain Kerr examines truth, reality, and the human way

Confronting and denying conventional aesthetics and modes of exhibition, Iain Kerr: artist, writer, educator, and founding member of spurse, an international peripatetic collective and experimental consultation service, intimately reinvents the project
Dislocative measures
By ANNIE LARMON  |  May 07, 2011

Photos: Boston Flower Show at the World Trade Center

The Boston Flower & Garden Show takes over the World Trade Center from March 16-20, 2011.
Boston Flower & Garden Show | World Trade Center | March 20, 2011  
By DAVE BARKER  |  March 25, 2011

At RISD: 2x4s, tape, and 'Co-Habitation'

In photographs, it looks like a giant spider web. But up close, it's shiny and transparent under the golden light. It's big enough for a person to climb into and crawl through — or you can poke your head in from a hole underneath or on the sides.
Boxing Dept.
By MARION DAVIS  |  February 11, 2011


Mirrors and reflection at the ICA at MECA

It was long before Lacan that the mirror metaphor became the foundation of Western subjectivity.
The real + the imaginary
By NICHOLAS SCHROEDER  |  February 04, 2011

10 exhibits that are worth another look

Here's our rundown of the best art of '10.
Excellent expressions
By GREG COOK  |  December 24, 2010

Review: Be more Curious at SPACE Gallery

In a world of curiosities, it's tempting to shrug off the incomprehensible. This is where Kreh Mellick's and Kimberly Convery's approach becomes a problem.
Look deeper
By NICHOLAS SCHROEDER  |  September 10, 2010

Review: Modern painter's style showcased at Farnsworth

Alex Katz is one of America's best-known modern artists. His work is so emblematic of art of our time that a graphic showing one of his paintings adorns the subscription card that drops out of my freshly-delivered art magazine every month.
Big, big Katz
By KEN GREENLEAF  |  September 03, 2010


Jeffrey Clancy plays with craft theory through the lens of a metalsmith working with traditional techniques and decorative motifs.
Examining Jeffrey Clancy's craft theories
By ANNIE LARMON  |  August 27, 2010


Decay, exposed

Bill Daniel doesn't call the landlord when there's a hole in the roof. He just turns the damn house into a boat.
Bill Daniel's images and items lament a fallen society
By NICHOLAS SCHROEDER  |  August 13, 2010

Cultural studies(1)

Jason Evans's bread and butter is commercial sports photography, shooting the likes of Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez, and tennis stars Roger Federer, Venus Williams, and Lindsay Davenport.
'Surf Island' and 'The Japan Craze' at Newport Art Museum
By GREG COOK  |  August 13, 2010

Photos: Bumpkin Island Art Encampment

Artists share their work at the Bumpkin Island Art Encampment on July 31, 2010.
2010 Bumpkin Island Art Encampment | July 31–August 1
By DEREK KOUYOUMJIAN  |  August 06, 2010

Homer's home

A hundred years after his death, Winslow Homer is still making waves.
The PMA shows the Maine coastal artist at work
By NICHOLAS SCHROEDER  |  June 18, 2010
hewitt list

Infinite eights

"The Smallest Eight I Can Skate," Duncan Hewitt's interactive imagining of the Coleman Burke Gallery in Brunswick's Fort Andross, is as elegant and introspective as its diminutive title.
Duncan Hewitt skates on thin ice
By ANNIE LARMON  |  May 08, 2009