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Geek heaven at the Comic Con

The latest sign that the geeks shall inherit the Earth is the arrival of the first Rhode Island Comic Con November 3-4 at the Rhode Island Convention Center.
By VICTOR ALVAREZ  |  November 02, 2012

Photos: Boston Comic Con 2012

Die-hard fans packed the Hynes Convention Center for the Boston Comic Con on April 21-22, 2012.
Hynes Convention Center | April 21-22, 2012
By DEREK KOUYOUMJIAN  |  April 27, 2012

Review: Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope

A rose-hued ode to fanboy-dom, Comic-Con doesn't even try to scratch the surface of the world's largest geek meet-up.
Comic Con is still geeky -- and awesome
By ALEXANDRA CAVALLO  |  April 13, 2012

The Top Five Reasons You Should Be Upset You Are Not Going to Comic Con

Comic Con 2011 begins today in San Diego, as if every nerd were not already painfully (or joyfully, if attending) aware. Laser Orgy is here...
By Kelly Dickinson  |  July 21, 2011

Comics fest returns, with kids up front

If you have any doubt that comic books are ascendant in popular culture, look no farther than the film Thor , based on the Marvel adaptation of the Norse god, which has earned more than $344 million in less than a month in theaters.
Page Life
By RICK WORMWOOD  |  May 20, 2011


Review: Paul

American excess replaces the British austerity vibe that defined the Simon-Pegg-and-Nick-Frost-starring genre send-ups Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz in this love letter to Reagan-era Spielberg.
E.T. riff confuses fanboy-baiting references with actual gags
By BRETT MICHEL  |  March 18, 2011
Cannibalistic comic "Chew" joins "The Walking Dead" in its lurch to TV

Cannibalistic comic "Chew" joins "The Walking Dead" in its lurch to TV

"The Walking Dead" trailer (Comic-Con bootleg version)Alright, Comic-Con, you may have been over for several weeks now, but we're still reeling from your swift upper-cut...
By Steve Miller  |  August 22, 2010
Pacey-Con 2010...and other Dawson's Creek musings

Pacey-Con 2010...and other Dawson's Creek musings

In all the Comic-Con fuss, another type of 'con' may have been overlooked. Though we don't see how that's possible. Erstwhile "Dawson's Creek" star and mightiest...
By Alexandra Cavallo  |  July 26, 2010

TRON Legacy update: 'Comi-TRON' and Daft Punk get dark

By now, we've all seen the trailer for Tron Legacy (and that's the most recent incarnation above, in case you're interested). Putting aside the wholly...
By Michael C. Walsh  |  July 23, 2010

Slideshow: Images from 'Night Of The Living Dead: Reanimated'

A "collaborative artistic mash-up" of George Romero's 1968 cult classic zombie film
Artists re-interpret Night of the Living Dead through mixed media


Photos: Comic Con 2009 at Back Bay Events Center

Photos from the Boston comic book convention
Comic Con descended upon Back Bay on October 24, 2009
By MADDY MYERS  |  October 30, 2009

Forming a Collective

When your intrepid correspondent walks into Arabica Coffee to meet with the members of a shadowy group rumored to be executing a graphical Exquisite Corpse the likes of which Portland has never seen, he finds out that the group is in fact so shadowy th
'Where am I? And what the hell am I doing here?'
By ALEX IRVINE  |  January 07, 2009