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Boston’s Local Programming Guide

Move-in day trash gets lugged off the street and into a TV studio.
Antiques Sidewalk
By BRIAN MCFADDEN  |  September 07, 2012

How do Boston’s on-campus dining options measure up?

College students have a reputation for a lot of things, but a sophisticated, discriminating palate is certainly not one of them.
By STEVE HOLT  |  September 07, 2012

Boston’s hackerspaces make room for robots and DIY synths, computer geeks, and tech punx

"Hackerspace." At first, that term might bring to mind an image of rows of Internet wizzes staring intently into their screens, coding illegally. But there is more to the term "hacker" than its unfortunate computer-criminal stereotype.
Creative co-working
By LIZ PELLY  |  September 07, 2012

The Freshman 5: Identity Starter Kit

So here you are, a Boston newbie, all too ready make those crappy, awkward high school days a thing of the past.
New to Boston? Time for a fresh start? Try one of these identities on for size.
By PHOENIX STAFF  |  September 07, 2012