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Five Courses with: Louis DiBiccari of Tavern Road

When chef Louis DiBiccari wants something, he makes it happen.

By LOUISA KASDON  |  February 15, 2013

Bondir’s tiny kitchen welcomes its first sous-chef

Rachel Miller and Jason Bond are standing side by side — as they do for roughly 13 hours a day, every day but Tuesday — in Bondir's subterranean prep space.
Miller's Time
By CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  November 30, 2012

The Kitchen's Ink: A tribute to Boston chefs’ tattoos

We'd be more than a bit behind the times if we were to suddenly declare chefs the new rock stars. Same goes for announcing the prevalence of tattoos in almost every restaurant in the country. Big, resounding duh .

By CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  October 12, 2012

Local chefs tackle a fall favorite

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. Toss 3 cups diced pumpkin meat in 1 tbs. olive oil , season with salt and pepper , and roast until golden and tender.
Active ingredient: Pumpkin
By CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  September 28, 2012

Tiffani Faison takes on Taste of Provincetown

Tiffani Faison and I both grew up in the same town in Sonoma County, California. While we just missed each other, she admits that the years of her youth were spent the same way as mine were: drinking in empty pastures and vineyards.
Sweet Eats
By CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  August 24, 2012

The incredible journey of Marcus Samuelsson

If you were at the South End Buttery last week, you might have noticed a tall, sharply dressed African guy with a lilting Swedish accent sipping iced coffee, talking to a reporter, and radiating a crackling energy.
Chef's Special
By CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  August 17, 2012


Six local chefs serve up quick summer recipe tips

A grill is always a grill, whether you rock a two-foot kettle charcoal number or a gas-fueled beast with more knobs than an airplane cockpit.
DIY Summer food
By CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  June 08, 2012

How local chefs are using Instagram to pretty up and reach out

Facebook jumped on it for $1 billion, so it must be true: Instagram, with its stable of custom filters turning any snapshot into a keepsake-worthy print, is this online-addled generation's manifestation of meaningful.
Kitchen Remodeling
By CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  April 27, 2012

Photos: 'My Last Supper: The Next Course'

Melanie Dunea will read from her latest book, My Last Supper: The Next Course , with Chefs Barbara Lynch and Lydia Shire at the Harvard Bookstore, November 16th, 7pm.
Melanie Dunea will read from her latest book, My Last Supper: The Next Course , with Chefs Barbara Lynch and Lydia Shire at the Harvard Bookstore, November 16th, 7pm.
By MELANIE DUNEA  |  November 11, 2011

Portland's chefs play with mushrooms

Being a chef is a risky business.
Tasting the fruit of the spore
By BRIAN DUFF  |  August 05, 2011
Smell season to taste

An aspiring chef searches for her lost sense of smell

Six years ago, while jogging in Brookline, aspiring chef Molly Birnbaum was struck by an oncoming Ford. The impact broke her pelvis and shattered her skull. But worst of all, it mangled her olfactory nerves, destroying Birnbaum's sense of smell and her a
Scentless Apprentice
By BY EUGENIA WILLIAMSON  |  July 22, 2011


What the Miyake family eats

Finding out your daughter's classmate's father is this city's most eye-opening chef makes you feel special.
Visiting a chef at home
By LINDSAY STERLING  |  March 11, 2011

Food for the hungry

For many Maine kids, the end of the academic year means an end to regular meals.
Gourmet chefs seek to feed Maine's kids
By LEISCHEN STELTER  |  June 25, 2010