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Atheist Holiday Traditions(1)

Decorating the phylogenetic tree, and all the rest.
Big Fat Whale
By BRIAN MCFADDEN  |  December 07, 2012

Go frock yourself!

It was nine months before their wedding that my friends Vissy and Harry sat me down for a “We need to talk” moment. What they wanted was a favor: would I be willing to get ordained as a minister and officiate their wedding?
An Irish-Jewish atheist who disdains religion becomes an ordained minister online to officiate his friends’ wedding
By JASON O’BRYAN  |  March 26, 2010

Atheist holiday traditions

Decorating the godless way
Big Fat Whale
By BRIAN MCFADDEN  |  December 11, 2009

PODCAST: Cornel West, Mary Gordon, and Harvey Cox on the answer to atheism

Click to play video, or download the mp3 after the jumpThis week in the Phoenix, Adam Reilly profiles  "atheist superstar" Greg Epstein, Harvard's Humanist chaplain...
By Carly Carioli  |  December 01, 2009

Greg Epstein, Atheist Superstar

Once an intellectual taboo, atheism has become one of the great growth industries of the third millennium.
Can Harvard's humanist chaplain save nonbelief from itself?
By ADAM REILLY  |  November 27, 2009

New in the Phoenix: Harvard's prophet of atheism

It's not a media piece, exactly. Instead, it's a profile of Harvard's Greg Epstein--who's becoming a major player (and media spokesman!) for the growing group...
By Adam Reilly  |  November 25, 2009


Not so elementary

On June 14, 1995, around two in the afternoon, I lowered my guard. I opened myself up just barely to the notion that there might be a God who cares about me in the same way that Jesus cared about, say, his friend Mary.
Barbara Bradley Hagerty goes looking for God
By JEFFREY GANTZ  |  September 04, 2009

Springtime for Darwin

There are two stories, and two stories only.
The wars of evolution are louder than ever. What Ben Stein, Bad Religion, and a physics professor from Quincy can tell you about where you came from.
By JAMES PARKER  |  May 07, 2008

Mutiny in Heaven

It is a truth now well established that the idea for a series of books about a schoolboy wizard did not , in fact, originate with its author, J.K. Rowling (as she has naively claimed), but was piped up red-hot and stinking from Below.
Philip Pullman ’ s fantasy novels are condemned as a crash course in militant atheism. But one BU professor thinks otherwise.
By JAMES PARKER  |  December 06, 2007

Holy War!

There’s no doubt about it: right now, God is on the side of the atheists.
A new army of atheists is taking no prisoners in its battle with God and his self-appointed faith dealers
By JAMES PARKER  |  June 06, 2007