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How the State House’s cultural treasures have vanished, piece by piece

There have been two legendary heists at the Massachusetts State House.
Heist of the Centuries
By CHRIS FARAONE  |  July 27, 2012

Photos: ''Gather Up the Pieces: The Andrews Shaker Collection'' at the Portland Museum of Art

The Portland Museum of Art hosts “Gather Up the Pieces: The Andrews Shaker Collection’’ through February 5, 2012.
Through February 5, 2012
By PHOENIX STAFF  |  November 04, 2011

Aphrodite at the MFA; Pompeii at the Museum of Science

The ancient Greeks said the Titan Kronos cut off the penis of his father, Ouranos, the sky, and chucked it into the sea.
Love and death
By GREG COOK  |  November 04, 2011