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Chimp, Hipster, or Republican? -- Answer key

Similar to Simians Dept.
Similar to Simians Dept.
By THE DOPAMINE PROJECT  |  August 05, 2011

A monkey, on Chihuly

This monkey likes the Chihuly exhibit.
By KARL STEVENS  |  August 05, 2011

Review: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

As I watched Caesar (Andy Serkis), the ├╝bermonkey, and his primate minions break free of their human chains en route to conquering the world, I thought: 1) there are a lot of apes in San Francisco, 2) there aren't a lot of cops, and 3) this mov
Better before the CGI took over
By PETER KEOUGH  |  August 05, 2011

Interview: Jane Goodall

If only there were more trees to be torn down, we could utilize them . . . to fill newspapers with the endless depressing stories out there about the environment and all its hapless inhabitants.
Creature comforts
By LANCE GOULD  |  September 25, 2009