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Karl visits Mike's Fitness

In which Karl decides to stop being a fat fuck ...
By KARL STEVENS  |  August 31, 2012

In shape for summer?

Watching a CrossFit workout is reminiscent of a movie montage showing a rabble of villagers training to become the militia necessary to protect their homesteads from invading bad guys.
There’s still time to Craft yourself into a hard-bodied soldier-athlete
By MELISSA NELSON  |  July 27, 2012

Fortnight to fitness

If you’re reading this now, it may be too late. It’s the middle of May, and beach season is right around the corner.
Shaping up for the summer — in two exhausting weeks
By DEIRDRE FULTON  |  May 21, 2010

Fitter, happier?

Nintendo’s newest runaway sensation is, of all things, an exercise game.
Nintendo offers its new workout plan
By MADDY MYERS  |  May 27, 2008

Yet another path to enlightenment

The book is “meant for people who . . . like to have their consciousness of life’s big questions refreshed,” says Weinstein.
A grammatical spiritual journey
By KRISTINA WONG  |  April 30, 2008

March 12, 2008

By SYMBOLINE DAI  |  March 05, 2008


Abs of steel

A wonderfully campy, oddly comforting motivator that suggests anyone with the guts and desire can become a modernized version of a Roman warrior.
American Gladiators does the gym proud
By SHARON STEEL  |  January 28, 2008

January 23, 2008

By SYMBOLINE DAI  |  January 16, 2008

Keep yourself alive

I’ll admit that my college years weren’t my healthiest.
How to avoid the Freshman 15, cure a hangover, get some sleep — and still have fun
By DEIRDRE FULTON  |  August 29, 2007

Good Shaq, bad Shaq

Say this for Miami Heat center Shaquille O’Neal: in Shaq’s Big Challenge , signs abound that his intentions are good.
Is O’Neal’s fat-camp show kind or cruel?
By ADAM REILLY  |  July 10, 2007

Growing up fast

My daughter sparked up a friendship with a personal trainer 10 years her senior.
Dr. Lovemonkey
By DR. LOVEMONKEY  |  May 08, 2007

March 4, 2007

By SYMBOLINE DAI  |  February 28, 2007

My Trainer, Myself

I’m supposed to meet with my trainer today and I’m looking for ways to get out of it.
Bramhall Square
By CAITLIN SHETTERLY  |  February 28, 2007

November 30, 2006

Waxing moon in Aries. Get to the gym! Aries will display ingenuity when dealing with people whose motives aren’t always clear. But Libra isn’t getting the whole story — even though it seems like new information is coming quickly. Mild domestic dissatisfa
By SYMBOLINE DAI  |  November 29, 2006

Stark realization

Zaillian gives a workout to the elements that make this book such a favorite with high-school English teachers: the neat symbolism, the themes of good and evil, guilt and innocence. But the ideas remain abstract. Watch the trailer for All the King's M
Steve Zaillian can’t put All the King’s Men together again
By PETER KEOUGH  |  September 22, 2006

June 1, 2006

Waxing moon in Leo. “Advertisements for myself” is your theme today, except for Aquarius, who is getting squeezed by planets and is way harder on him- or herself than anyone else would be. Leo, this isn’t the best month for you to get in shape, but the d
By SYMBOLINE DAI  |  May 31, 2006