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More than a feeling

The centerpiece of the Museum of Fine Arts' "Contemporary Outlook: Seeing Songs" is Candice Breitz's 2005 Queen (A Portrait of Madonna), a wall of 30 televisions, each showing a different Madonna fan singing a cappella to her 1990 greatest-hits compilat
Music inspires art at the MFA, Panopticon, and the Gardner
By GREG COOK  |  July 24, 2009

Girls, girls, girls

Around 1600, after a century of civil wars, Japan settled into an era of relative peace under the samurai warriors of Edo (present-day Tokyo).
Japanese ukiyo-e paintings and more at the MFA
By GREG COOK  |  November 06, 2007

See me, feel me

Andy Warhol’s paint-by-numbers works from the early 1960s made ironic comment on the emotional overload of then-dominant Abstract Expressionist painting.
‘Please Touch’ at GASP, NESAD prize winners, and the PRC Mother’s Day benefit
By RANDI HOPKINS  |  May 09, 2006