Ulysses S. Grant

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Red, white, and blue balls: Bringing the party to the people

Are there any jobs on Earth more virile-sounding than commander in chief?
A history of our Inaugural West Swingers and White House Hoedowns
By KARA BASKIN  |  January 14, 2009

Living la vida Republican

Trying to find college Republicans in Boston is like looking for a flattering pair of jeans: they’re elusive — either too stiff or completely out of style.  
Because at America’s colleges, even the dangerously misguided have a right to be heard
By KARA BASKIN  |  October 20, 2008

Prodigious son

His work looks funnier than it is.
Justin Richel, American in Switzerland
By CHRIS THOMPSON  |  August 22, 2007