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[video] Come plays "In/Out" during TraniWrock at Oberon

This is what I get for not showing up when some of our favorite people throw a COME reunion show. They open with my favorite...
By Carly Carioli  |  April 21, 2011

Photos: New Jew Revue at Club Cafe | October 17, 2010

Presented by Truth Serum. [Possibly NSFW?]
A drag, burlesque, humor, music, dance party benefit for Keshet
By DEREK KOUYOUMJIAN  |  October 22, 2010

TraniWreck | September 23

Imagine if America’s Got Talent was cross-pollinated with RuPaul’s Drag Race, and your titanic expectations have only hit the tip of the iceberg in describing...
By Scott Kearnan  |  September 21, 2009