Total Bummer Fest

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Total Bummer Fest and the quest for a local scene

In the corner of an enormous warehouse in the Winter Park neighborhood of Orlando, Florida, 40 or so kids are sitting on the floor in a semicircle, cross-legged.
The coolest summer camp ever
By LIZ PELLY  |  May 18, 2012

The Florida rapper shows her Pryde

Kitty Pryde is a teen rapper from Daytona, Florida.
Hello Kitty
By LIZ PELLY  |  May 18, 2012

Out: Posi vibes down in Florida with Mutual Benefit, Little Spoon and dozens of others

After visiting Orlando in March while on tour with Quilt, I was so inspired by the vibrancy of the town's burgeoning DIY music community that I decided to return for Florida's annual festival, Total Bummer.
Total Bummer Fest
By LIZ PELLY  |  May 11, 2012