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Country Strong | Soundtrack

This steaming pile of songs is emblematic of the state of mainstream country music — all artifice, no heart, calculated anthems written to formula and meant, like the film itself, to do no more than capitalize on the genre's current success and rob its
Sony (2011)
By TED DROZDOWSKI  |  January 14, 2011

Review: Country Strong

Too-soon-out-of-rehab country star Kelly Canter (a bronzed Gwyneth Paltrow) attempts to twang her way back from a drunken stage dive in Dallas that resulted in a miscarriage.
Pretty weak
By BRETT MICHEL  |  January 14, 2011
Ray Stanz, Cares or Who Cares, Ed vs. Tim, WTF & The Finisher

Ray Stanz, Cares or Who Cares, Ed vs. Tim, WTF & The Finisher

Dan Aykroyd calls from the House Of Blues, the panel weighs in on Cares or Who Cares, Spec...
By Charlie  |  February 20, 2009

Lori McKenna

Lori McKenna had her major-label debut co-produced by Hill’s husband, country superstar Tim McGraw.
Unglamorous | Warner Bros.
By WERNER TRIESCHMANN  |  November 06, 2007

Going on sale: March 18, 2007

Modest Mouse, Keane, Till We Die, Tim McGraw, and more.
Breaking news from the concert ticket trade
By GOING ON SALE  |  March 20, 2007


Director Michael Mayer’s tedious adaptation of Mary O’Hara’s 1941 novel about a boy and his filly swaps the lad for a teenage girl with daddy issues. Watch the trailer for Flicka  (QuickTime)
Not worth saddling up
By ALICIA POTTER  |  October 18, 2006


Oh brother, where alt thou?

In the summer of 1995, Grant Alden was documenting “the tail end of the grunge years” as managing editor of a Seattle music weekly, the Rocket . Alejandro Escovedo, "Broken Bottle" (mp3 via MySpace) Drive-By Truckers, "Feb. 14" (mp3 via MySpace)
A popular cult genre searches for its lost highway
By FRANKLIN SOULTS  |  August 02, 2006