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J.P. to the rescue!

This Tuesday, June 24, the musical mayor of JP, Rick Berlin, hosts a benefit for the victims of the earthquake in China.
The Milky Way reaches out to China
By MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  June 17, 2008

LOL in the family

Rick Rolling made real before our eyes? This truly was a special night.

Post-roflcon antics at the East

By CAITLIN E. CURRAN  |  April 29, 2008

Boston music news: February 22, 2008

This is Nick Lowe weekend in five cities.
Notes on a local tribute to Nick Lowe
By JIM SULLIVAN  |  February 20, 2008

Boston, beer, and Bobby Brown

Last weekend at the Orpheum, Bobby Brown was not indicted but inducted.
The 20th-Anniversary BMAs
By JIM SULLIVAN  |  December 09, 2007

New kids on the rock

Back on June 20, three tour buses were lined up like impregnable traveling fortresses behind the House of Blues in Cleveland.
The Click Five struggle with the new world disorder
By FRANKLIN SOULTS  |  June 29, 2007

Youth or consequences

The Click Five are sequestered somewhere inside Q Division studio, and Girl Authority are seated in a circle in the lounge area, scheming a way to meet the lead singer. Girl Authority, "This Is My Day" (mp3)
Girl Authority wrestle with success
By SHARON STEEL  |  March 14, 2007

Holiday cheer

“It’s a Christmas/networking/holiday party,” explained Q Division co-owner Mike Denneen of the seventh annual bash held at Q’s Somerville studio a week ago Thursday night.
 Q Division’s Xmas spirit
By JIM SULLIVAN  |  December 18, 2006

On the racks: August 8, 2006

Plus Blood Meridian, the Gin Blossoms, and Bernard Fanning.
Dirty Pretty Things, Ani DiFranco, and the Cure
By MATT ASHARE  |  August 08, 2006

If it ain’t broke . . .

For the past three years, the only real suspense in the local end of the Best Music Poll has been whether the Dresden Dolls or the Dropkick Murphys would win more categories.
The local ballot reflects a stable, vital scene
By BRETT MILANO  |  May 26, 2006