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Giving local music for the holidays

I always give local music for Christmas.
Will it fit?
By SAM PFEIFLE  |  December 07, 2012

Curating cassette culture

For all practical terms, the tape should be an artifact. But over the last few years, a rash of independent labels in Maine are slowly adopting the cassette as their preferred medium.
People just don't listen to music like they used to
By NICHOLAS SCHROEDER  |  May 13, 2011

Glade Swope at Strange Maine

Strange Maine (578 Congress St) hosts a doozy of a show. Local Glade Swope plots the signposts of metal theatricalia on acoustic guitar, Albany percussionist...
By webteam  |  October 20, 2010

Sterile Garden + Crank Sturgeon + more at Strange Maine

Bands local, beyondyou have never heard aboutbaffle and dazzle. Strange Maine | Portland | Sterile Garden + Crank Sturgeon + Twilight People + Stithy Brown...
By webteam  |  September 08, 2010

Prehistoric Horse at Strange Maine

And downstairs from that forthcoming space, the latest night of avant-noise and -jazz at Strange Maine features New York trio Prehistoric Horse with Joshua DeScherer...
By webteam  |  August 18, 2010

Street musicians at First Friday Art Walk, Portland, August 6

With the Tower/Building of Song on hiatus while its creators move apartments (again), the street-music scene on First Friday was quieter than in recent months. But that left more aural room for buskers along Congress Street.
Music seen
By JEFF INGLIS  |  August 13, 2010


Strange trips

If you want this summer’s eerie subject matter to hit a bit closer to home, or a bit closer to reality, check out Strange Maine: True Tales from the Pine Tree State , by Michelle Souliere (The History Press; $17.99).
Seeking the Pine Tree State’s weirder side
By DEIRDRE FULTON  |  June 18, 2010

We heart these people

We all know Portland is a busy, exciting place to live. It takes a lot of people's amazing energy to keep it going, though. Who's doing the moving and the shaking?
Meet Portland's most influential
By JEFF INGLIS  |  February 12, 2010

Cruudeuces + Isa Christ at Strange Maine

It looks to be an evening of unsettling, largely ambient soundscapes to kick off the weekend at Strange Maine, as Western Mass.’s Cruudeuces and Brooklyn’s...
By webteam  |  January 13, 2010

Dutch jazz by donation

Strange Maine does our town’s cultural credibility a nice favor tonight, by bringing a trio of compelling acts from the Netherlands in for an 8...
By Lisa Spinelli  |  January 06, 2010

The Dan Knudsen annual Christmas show

And local cult icon DAN KNUDSEN’s annual Christmas show comes better late than never at Strange Maine this year, as GLADE SWOPE and TURN DOWN...
By Lisa Spinelli  |  December 23, 2009

Strawberry All-Stars + id m theft able + Turn Down Day

Strange Maine plays it fun and quirky with a night of "costumed covers," by acts as disparate as Strawberry All-Stars, id m theft able, and...
By webteam  |  October 28, 2009

Bigfoot coming to Congress Street

Mainer Loren Coleman loves sharing his wealth -- the treasures collected during a 50-year career in the field of cryptozoology, which is the study of mysterious creatures (think Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, and the chupacabra).
Venue Watch
By DEIRDRE FULTON  |  September 25, 2009
Brook Pridemore Performs

Brook Pridemore Performs

At Strange Maine, Brooklynite Brook Pridemore's galloping DIY punk/pop mingles with the works of Vikesh Kapoor, Dan Knudsen, and Strawberry All Stars. That's an 8...
By webteam  |  June 24, 2009
BJ Snowmen

BJ Snowmen

 Jingle-writing cult figure BJ SNOWDEN makes her annual trip to Strange Maine, at an 8 pm show also featuring KEYBOARD CATHY, GHOST MICE, and Ireland’s...
By webteam  |  June 17, 2009

Symphony of buds

Apart from being an ephemeral player in the local music scene — he played at Strange Maine last fall, while living in Bar Harbor — New Hampshire-based upright bassist Nat Baldwin has some very influential friends.
Nat Baldwin and friends make a familiar but beguiling album
By CHRISTOPHER GRAY  |  April 16, 2008

An Arts District renaissance

If nothing else, 2007 was the year the Arts District found its footing in Portland nightlife.
The big idea
By CHRISTOPHER GRAY  |  January 02, 2008

White Light + Frank A.M.

Relaxation was the theme of the night’s Strange Maine performance, in concept if not in execution.
Music seen at Strange Maine, November 10, 2007
By CHRISTOPHER GRAY  |  November 20, 2007

Nat Baldwin

On record, Baldwin’s songs are lushly arranged and well-populated with guitar and effects.
Music seen at Strange Maine, October 11, 2007
By CHRISTOPHER GRAY  |  October 24, 2007

Stringing us along

Time of Rivers is a two-day, two-venue exploration of what your guitar teacher told you not to do.
Nationally known guitarists descend on Portland
By IAN PAIGE  |  August 29, 2007

Editors' picks 2007: Shopping

Strange Maine, and Old Port Wine Merchants
Best gifts for Uncle Fester, best second career
By PORTLAND PHOENIX STAFF  |  April 19, 2007


No peninsula is an island

Lovers of the nightlife have a great range of choices amid the remarkable density of concert venues in our compact city, but there’s always room for more.
Leaving downtown? Portlanders’ music is everywhere you look
By IAN PAIGE  |  February 21, 2007

Sounds like awesome

Citadel sound like every great psych-rock band from the late ’60s, and Modern Syndrome sound like every great indie-rock band from the ’90s.
Citadel and Modern Syndrome put their influences to bed
By CHRISTOPHER GRAY  |  February 07, 2007

Phantom Buffalo

“Hi. We’re three-fourths of Phantom Buffalo.”
Strange Maine, November 17, 2006
By CHRISTOPHER GRAY  |  November 21, 2006

Portland scene report, March 31, 2006

New music in the works for Now Transmission, Pete Kilpatrick, El Grande, Hi Fivin' White Guys, and Enchantments