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massachusetts scandal with house of representatives

In the wake of the latest corruption scandal, let's just torch the offending chamber

Burning Down the House
Burning Down the House
By DAVID S. BERNSTEIN  |  June 24, 2011
Sal DiMasi

Cleaning up after DiMasi

The trial of former House Speaker Sal DiMasi is still ongoing, but Massachusetts voters don't need a verdict to recognize that the pay-for-play culture on Beacon Hill is even sleazier and more freewheeling than imagined.  
Plus, funding the HIV battle, and Sunday's AIDS Walk
By  |  June 03, 2011
ian Bowles

China Syndrome

Massachusetts has successfully jumped way out in front of every other state in the race for a share of the emerging trillion-dollar clean-energy market — which might end up meaning nothing, as the United States pisses away its chance to be part of that
Ian Bowles reflects on moving Massachusetts into the lead on clean energy -- and how the feds might have thrown it all away
By DAVID S. BERNSTEIN  |  March 18, 2011
Governor Deval Patrick

The Governor in his Labyrinth

Governor Deval Patrick has always excelled at inciting political speculation. Through his first three years in office, most Beacon Hill insiders remained convinced — even as his re-election effort began — that Patrick would not serve out his full four-y
In year five of his administration, Patrick is keeping his options open
By DAVID S. BERNSTEIN  |  March 11, 2011

GOP’s state convention delivers the bland brand

Massachusetts Republican candidates for office this November might be well-advised to legally change their names and appear on the ballot as “Someone Else,” “Another Option,” or “Available Alternative.”
Dull and Duller Dept.
By DAVID S. BERNSTEIN  |  April 23, 2010

Salinger’s eternal cone of silence

With the death of J.D. Salinger, nearly every obituary featured some quote or reference to his American masterpiece, The Catcher In the Rye , and rightly so. If you don't know the name Holden Caulfield, you don't know ding about literature.
The death of a genius; rocking for Nicole; the General Assembly goes transparent
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  February 05, 2010


Poor reception

The right loves to rant against the "liberal-media elite," but there's one key media sector where the conservative id reigns supreme: talk radio.
Talk radio helped energize Scott Brown's Senate campaign. Will it doom the Democrats in 2010?
By ADAM REILLY  |  February 05, 2010

More bridge jumpers? Baldacci policies say Yes

You may have heard this morning about a woman who tried to jump off the Casco Bay Bridge twice in 24 hours over the weekend...
By Jeff Inglis  |  November 23, 2009

Holy crap

We received a particularly outstanding letter in the office today. It's addressed to Brian Brown, ex...
By Deirdre Fulton  |  May 11, 2009

Governor signs gay marriage bill

Some intrepid Facebook reportage suggests that there will be an impromptu and informal celebration at 7 pm in Monument Square tonight.Here's the Press Herald on...
By Deirdre Fulton  |  May 06, 2009

Marriage passes Maine House

Here are press releases from EqualityMaine and Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders:  EqualityMaine Applauds House Passage of Marriage Equality Bill AUGUSTA - The momentum...
By Deirdre Fulton  |  May 05, 2009

More on Maine's moderates

I joined a conference call with state representatives Diane Russell (D-Portland) and Adam Goode (D-B...
By Deirdre Fulton  |  April 29, 2009

Gay marriage bill co-sponsors

Here is a complete list of Senator Damon's co-sponsors on An Act To End Discrimination in Civil Marr...
By Deirdre Fulton  |  March 13, 2009

Gay marriage Valentine's event in Augusta

At 9:30 this morning, a dozen Maine couples will start speaking at the Welcome Center at the State H...
By Deirdre Fulton  |  February 12, 2009

Lobbying, conservatively

With Governor Baldacci imposing $10s of millions in budget reductions, and the legislature scramblin...
By Deirdre Fulton  |  December 10, 2008

Women + Politics in Maine

The growing prominence of women in Maine politics, as evidenced by Chellie Pingree's election (she's...
By Deirdre Fulton  |  December 09, 2008