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Beacon Hill's Most Beautiful: 25 power players who keep the Golden Dome in style

Politics in Massachusetts can be an ugly business. Let's look at another side of life under the Golden Dome — the beautiful side.
25 power players who keep the Golden Dome in style

The fight for Dorchester's open city council seat is more like a school election than a modern political one

The Dorchester district that Maureen Feeney has represented since 1993 is now perhaps the most diverse in the city — and of all the council districts, its percentages of white, black, Asian, and Hispanic residents most closely reflects Boston as a whole
Old school
By DAVID S. BERNSTEIN  |  September 16, 2011

Grossman for Treasurer

There are two impressive candidates running for state treasurer in Tuesday’s Democratic primary.
Plus, Bump for auditor, D’Alessandro for Congress, and more
By EDITORIAL  |  September 10, 2010

Boston Phoenix Primary Endorsements

The Boston Phoenix has made the following endorsements in upcoming primaries:--Steve Grossman for state treasurer;--Suzanne Bump for state auditor;--Mac D'Alessandro for US Congress;--Sonia Chang-Diaz for...
By David S. Bernstein  |  September 08, 2010

Tea Party Progressives?

When Democrat Peter Smulowitz celebrated his victory in the special-election primary for State Senate earlier this month in the back room of Masala Art restaurant in Needham, no bigwigs from his party were in attendance.
Outsiders are trying to crash the gates of the state’s Democratic establishment — and are starting to succeed
By DAVID S. BERNSTEIN  |  April 30, 2010

Murph’s Last Grasp?

The ever-restless Stephen Murphy is at it again, running anew for state treasurer — just a few months after voters re-elected him to the Boston City Council.
Can Stephen Murphy rally his troops one last time, or is this stab at higher office his last?
By DAVID S. BERNSTEIN  |  March 26, 2010


The Cultural Caucus's big gamble

The recently formed Cultural Caucus, a loose, formal coalition comprising a dozen arts-friendly state legislators, appears poised to christen its political life by inserting itself into what could be the most intense statewide political battle of the spr
Formed to be a savior of the arts in the Bay State, a political coalition is playing high-stakes poker by putting casinos in its sights
By DAVID S. BERNSTEIN  |  March 05, 2010

New In The Phoenix -- Culture, Caucus, And Casinos

In this week's issue of the Boston Phoenix -- in print tomorrow, online now -- I write about the newly-formed Cultural Caucus in the Massachusetts...
By David S. Bernstein  |  March 03, 2010


From the second that the Richter scale registered at 7.0 in Haiti, a desperate grief rippled through Hyde Park, Dorchester, and other corners of this region, which is home to the third-largest Haitian population in America.
More than 1500 miles from the epicenter of the Haitian quake, its effects rippled through Boston's teeming Haitian community
By CHRIS FARAONE  |  January 22, 2010

Taking sides

The stakes are high in the battle for Massachusetts’s first new US senatorship in a quarter-century.
The US Senate election is forcing Massachusetts pols to choose their team. Plus, Pagliuca’s plan, and the state GOP tries to get serious.
By DAVID S. BERNSTEIN  |  October 30, 2009

Art appreciation

The recent Phoenix editorial on state-government funding for arts and culture highlighted many of the challenges we face as we try to meet our aspirations as a community amidst a very difficult economic environment.
Letters to the Boston Phoenix editor, June 12, 2009


A self-inflicted wound

Layoffs, salary reductions, and budget cuts have become distressingly commonplace.
Why massive cuts to cultural spending are counterproductive
By EDITORIAL  |  May 22, 2009

The Political virgins

At this incalculably critical time — with a fiscal nightmare threatening billions of dollars of state-government spending and momentous budget decisions to be made — everyone in Massachusetts wants to be represented on Beacon Hill by someone with clout.
With a crucial state-legislature session looming, Boston residents turn to untested newbies to fight for their share of the pie
By DAVID S. BERNSTEIN  |  January 08, 2009

The feminine critique

It was almost a banner year for women in politics.
Women in politics came a long way in 2008, but the weight of double standards endures
By SARA FAITH ALTERMAN  |  December 23, 2008
UMN to Latinos: "Thanks For Voting Obama"

UMN to Latinos: "Thanks For Voting Obama"

I had the best flan that I’ve ever had last night. It had two distinct layers – one thick and ...
By Chris Faraone  |  November 19, 2008

Obama for president

The past eight years have been disastrous for America.
Vote for ‘that one.’ Also, approve pot reform.
By EDITORIAL  |  October 29, 2008


Dianne's special deal

Undeterred by her Democratic primary loss to opponent Sonia Chang-Díaz, State Senator Dianne Wilkerson is forging ahead in a sticker campaign to win re-election of her Second Suffolk seat in the state legislature.  
State Senator Dianne Wilkerson already has amassed a list of embarrassing political pratfalls. The Phoenix uncovers two more situations that should cause concern on the cusp of the election.
By TED SIEFER  |  October 22, 2008

Socialist studies

With his frosty hair, necktie, and wire glasses, William Leonard resembles Barry Bostwick, the actor who played Mayor Randall M. Winston Jr. on the sitcom Spin City .
Um, Dianne Wilkerson and Sonia Chang-Díaz? Meet the Socialist Workers Party candidate who’s running for your Second Suffolk Senate District seat.
By CHRIS FARAONE  |  October 16, 2008
How To Write A Dianne Wilkerson Hit Piece In Eight Easy Steps

How To Write A Dianne Wilkerson Hit Piece In Eight Easy Steps

I’m almost certain that I caught State Senator Dianne Wilkerson doing something slimy earlier today. The only problem is that I’m too lazy to pursue...
By Chris Faraone  |  October 14, 2008
Boston Protests Bailout Plan - Among Other Things - On Government Center

Boston Protests Bailout Plan - Among Other Things - On Government Center

If you have beef with harsh immigration policies, so-called Wall Street bailouts, or right wing goon supreme Antonin Scalia, then downtown Boston was your liberal...
By Chris Faraone  |  October 01, 2008
Wilkerson vs. Chang-Diaz Recount Not As Exciting As The Kevin Spacey Movie

Wilkerson vs. Chang-Diaz Recount Not As Exciting As The Kevin Spacey Movie

 The opponents in happier days (for Wilkerson, at least) I’m trying to be as objective as possible with this Wilkerson vs. Chang-Diaz showdown. I recognize merits...
By Chris Faraone  |  September 29, 2008

Wilkerson: On A Mission From God

Dianne Wilkerson’s Jamaica Plain and Beacon Hill supporters who are unfamiliar with the Grove Hall area likely had no problem finding the senator’s first post-primary...
By Chris Faraone  |  September 24, 2008

Will race enter the race?

Two years ago, when Dianne Wilkerson inexplicably failed to submit the necessary signatures to get her name on the Democratic primary ballot for re-election as state senator, a 28-year-old upstart seized the opportunity.
Dianne Wilkerson and Sonia Chang-Díaz don’t talk about the racial split in their Senate showdown, but it’s likely to make its mark
By DAVID S. BERNSTEIN  |  July 30, 2008

For governor: Deval Patrick

Progressive and reform-minded voters have two excellent choices in next week’s Democratic primary for governor: Chris Gabrieli and Deval Patrick.
Plus, endorsements for lieutenant governor, secretary of state, Ninth Congressional District, and Second Suffolk
By EDITORIAL  |  September 15, 2006

Samiyah gets spooky. Plus, who on earth is John Kelleher?

With all due respect to the various candidates for governor, the state Senate race in the Second Suffolk district is probably the most fascinating electoral contest of ’06.
Second Suffolk update
By ADAM REILLY  |  August 30, 2006


After state Senator Dianne Wilkerson’s bizarre failure, earlier this year, to collect enough signatures to get on September’s Democratic primary ballot, an obvious question loomed: did the senator still want her job?
How Wilkerson, Galvin, and Murphy are using it
By ADAM REILLY  |  August 02, 2006