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Best of El Planeta 2011

Best of El Planeta 2011

Choosing a side in the ongoing Boca Grande vs. Anna's Taqueria vs. Chipotle vs. Qdoba burrito war is a great step toward figuring out your...
By Katie Lannan  |  August 12, 2011

Review: The Edge of Love

John Maybury evoked the genius of Francis Bacon in Love Is the Devil , but he goes off the deep end with this ludicrous soap opera about Dylan Thomas.
A soap opera about Dylan Thomas
By PETER KEOUGH  |  April 01, 2009


Playwright Deborah Brevoort looked at the 1988 Pan Am Flight 103 bombing, shook her head, and reduced the tragedy to its effect on one family and one town in The Women of Lockerbie , being staged by Roger Williams University Theatre (through November 2
Lockerbie overdoes the melodrama
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  November 19, 2008

Union dos

Film Culture wanted to check out Boston’s first rally supporting the Writers Guild of America strike to see which New England–based screenwriters would answer the call.
The Hollywood writers strike east
By GERALD PEARY  |  December 26, 2007

The Yacoubian Building

A massive Arabic soap opera, a Cairo-based Gone with the Wind.
Three-hour Egyptian epic
By MICHAEL ATKINSON  |  December 12, 2007

El cantante

Unlike Lopez, he digs beneath the soap-opera dialogue and bares his character’s soul.
Cookie-cutter bombast
By BETSY SHERMAN  |  August 01, 2007

September 16, 2006

Waning moon in Cancer/Leo. VOC 8:46 pm to 8:15 am Sunday. Excellent ingredients for a wild night getting wilder. Water signs could surprise others (and themselves) by revealing hidden passion (boy, if that’s not a daytime soap title, I don’t know what is
By SYMBOLINE DAI  |  September 13, 2006

Tub thumping

Lady Macbeth has been scrubbing herself on stage for 400 years, and Jean-Paul Marat spends most of Marat/Sade issuing rhetoric from a tub.
Israel Horovitz cracks The Secret of Mme. Bonnard’s Bath
By CAROLYN CLAY  |  August 15, 2006

La Mujer de mi Hermano

This silly would-be soap opera directed by Ricardo de Montreuil takes a steamy premise and drains all the fun out of it.
Just not soapy enough
By BROOKE HOLGERSON  |  May 03, 2006

Blue (-Eyed) Devils?

Once the sensational Duke University rape case — with its irresistible brew of race, class, and sex — triggered the predictable media circus, an equally predictable chorus of earnest-sounding criticism began to roll in.
The perfect storm of race, class, and sex makes the alleged Duke rape tale perfect fodder for the ‘justice’-obsessed media  
By MARK JURKOWITZ  |  April 26, 2006