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Duke Robillard and Surface to Air work the tradition

It all comes from somewhere.
Easy listening
By JON GARELICK  |  June 29, 2012

Sigur Ros | Inni

The Icelandic quartet's last album, Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust, came out three years ago, and besides one new instrumental tacked on at the end, the songs here are nothing we haven't already heard (and obsessed over) for years now.
XL (2011)
By RYAN REED  |  November 11, 2011

Light Pollution | Apparitions

Light Pollution unabashedly endorse marijuana use: “How many glass pipes can you find in this picture?” the band ask under a press photo posted on their MySpace.
Carpark (2010)
By CARRIE BATTAN  |  June 25, 2010

Jónsi | Go

To the Sigur Rós fans still weeping over the band’s decision to scrap their latest full-length and take an indefinite paternity leave: dry your tears with Jónsi’s uplifting solo debut.
XL (2010)
By CARRIE BATTAN  |  March 26, 2010

Bands of brothers

I'm living the most local life I've ever lived right now in Dorchester," says Chris Hislop, bespectacled guitarist in the long-running Boston band Piles.
'Hislopalooza' is a family affair
By MATT PARISH  |  March 12, 2010

Crash proof

I've never trusted music that's too engineered, too perfect. Headphones on the drummer and a hundred tracks running off a laptop? Most bands practice and practice to get things just right, but it's that threat of the unexpected that makes a show worth
Arms and Sleepers are more than just a hard drive
By MATT PARISH  |  October 02, 2009

Music Seen: Seymour

Seymour's gentle, mellifluous sound is the type that quiets a chattering room.
Seymour at Zero Station, April 27, 2009
By CHAD CHAMBERLAIN  |  May 01, 2009

Dance, Monkey!: Rob Crean

Rob Crean has secret talents
We put a visiting comic on the hot seat
By SARA FAITH ALTERMAN  |  February 10, 2009

2008 Listravaganza!

We are not at all sick of bands with animal names yet and seem to have a soft spot for Erykah Badu that we kept very hush about all year.
An absolute glut of cruelly reductive Top 10 lists from our dedicated staff of tirelessly enthusiastic writers
By BOSTON PHOENIX MUSIC STAFF  |  December 24, 2008

Sonic youth

After a pair of successful record-release gigs at Firehouse 13, Cali Smile will join an indie-rock bill on Friday (the 21st) at URI with locals the Coming Weak, the Noise Campaign, and Warwick's Dorado 30, to name a few — all for only $4 at the door.
California Smile bring the noise
By CHRIS CONTI  |  November 19, 2008

Steps . . . and more steps

Martha Graham’s Steps in the Street doesn’t look anything like a dance of the 21st century, but at the end of Boston Conservatory’s fall program last weekend it fit right in.
Boston Conservatory and BoSoma make dance work hard
By MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  November 13, 2008

Fletchers Awful TV Review, WTF and The Finisher!

Fletchers Awful TV Review, WTF and The Finisher!

Fletcher reviews another awful TV show, we check the WTF Line and knock out a potentially offensive Finisher! Listen here! Put us on your iPod....
By Charlie  |  September 22, 2008

Going on sale: July 4, 2008

James Dewees of Reggie and the Full Effect, Icy Demons, the Wedding Present and more.
Breaking news from the concert ticket trade
By GOING ON SALE  |  July 02, 2008

Sigur Rós

Here, as on 2005’s Takk, Sigur Rós have chosen to distill their rapture epics into shorter, more accessible bursts of swelling beauty.
Með Suð Í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust| EMI
By SHARON STEEL  |  July 01, 2008

Drear as folk

It’s that feeling of overwhelming sorrow tempered by the faintest sliver of hope that’s evoked by the music of two veteran Pacific Northwest songwriters and long-time friends who share a bill at Great Scott this Saturday night.
The bleak interiors of Damien Jurado and Jeremy Enigk

Screaming Masterpiece

Magnússon’s film fails to illuminate what this declaration of independence meant or how it was carried out.
Sort of crap
By WILL SPITZ  |  February 06, 2008


Benni Hemm Hemm

The language of twee-dom knows no borders.
Kajak | Morr Music
By DAVID DAY  |  June 26, 2007

Avant gardening

A Web site that’s hosted everyone from the Dresden Dolls to Diamanda Galás and Tortoise brings an international festival to Arlington.
'Brainwaves’ invades the Regent
By DAVID DAY  |  November 13, 2006

Boston music news: November 3, 2006

Drop a 10-spot, walk into the Opera House this Wednesday at 7:30 pm, and you’ll find almost the entire line-up of headliners that played Bank of America Pavilion last summer.
Notes on the Rock and Art Auction
By JIM SULLIVAN  |  October 31, 2006

Sigur sounds

Sigur Rós’s albums have always sounded like film soundtracks, so downloading the music sans video from their upcoming EP/DVD Sæglópur isn’t much of a stretch.
Nature's soundtrack
By ADAM GOLD  |  July 18, 2006

Beast masters

“I think that what we do very naturally as a band is quite predictable,” says Mogwai guitarist and de facto leader Stuart Braithwaite.
Mogwai celebrate 10 years of loudness


Going on sale, March 10, 2006

Sigur R ós, Bonnie Raitt, Steve Miller, P.O.D., and more
Breaking news from the concert ticket trade
By WILL SPITZ  |  March 08, 2006

Sigur Ros at the Orpheum

Well, having done the research, I’m warming to this Jonsi Birgisson — gay, blind in one eye, loves Iron Maiden, plays the guitar with a cello bow, and sings, when the mood takes him, in a made-up language called “Hopelandic.”
Stylized soundscapes
By JAMES PARKER  |  February 15, 2006

Club shot - February 17, 2006

By CARINA MASTROCOLA  |  February 15, 2006

Doin’ it live

The winter concert scene’s got something for everybody, from Averi to Zakir Hussain. Okay, I couldn’t resist that bit of alphabetical hackery, but it’s true.
By TED DROZDOWSKI  |  January 09, 2006