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Difficult women; Oscar gold

Difficult women; Oscar gold

 I just came from a screening of  David Cronenberg's "A Dangerous Method," in which Keira Knightley as Sabina Spielrein kicks and screams and laughs hysterically...
By Peter Keough  |  December 01, 2011

Review: Martha Marcy May Marlene

As implied by the title of Sean Durkin's coldly confident, insidiously haunting first feature, personal identity can be a fragile thing.
Helter shelter
By PETER KEOUGH  |  October 28, 2011

Interview: Elizabeth Olsen scores with Sean Durkin's Martha Marcy May Marlene

Martha Marcy May Marlene, opening October 28, concerns a girl dealing with the psychological effects of fleeing her cult-like farming community. Elizabeth Olsen, younger sister of twins Mary-Kate and Ashley, plays the conflicted runaway.
Cult favorite
By BRET MICHEL  |  October 21, 2011