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She really likes them!

Juliana Hatfield just compared herself with Bob Dylan. Juliana Hatfield and Frank Smith, "Beer and a Shot" (mp3)
Juliana Hatfield records with Frank Smith
By WILL SPITZ  |  June 04, 2007

Boston music news: November 24, 2006

One of AARON SINCLAIR ’s bands, the LOT SIX , played their final show a week ago last Thursday. But Sinclair’s one-time solo offshoot, FRANK SMITH , are very much alive and well. Frank Smith, "Time to Cut the Fence" (mp3)
Notes on Frank Smith and Mark Kates
By JIM SULLIVAN  |  November 20, 2006

Frank Smith at Great Scott

Frank Smith are a band, not a man. At least, that’s what it says on their MySpace page.
A band, not a man
By MATT ASHARE  |  April 04, 2006