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Khris Francis at Styxx

Musician, comedian, and California native Khris Francis has the longest running one-man comedy act in New England, a show unabashedly adult-themed and blush-inducing. He brings...
By webteam  |  December 21, 2010

Live review: Tayisha Busay at Styxx, October 11

Since Dracula Zombie USA were a one-time Portland performance, and Feel It Robot broke up, there's been a bit of a void in the Portland dance-band scene.
Music seen
By AMANDA PLEAU  |  October 22, 2010

Rock out at Styxx

Per usual, Styxx is also a hub of activity day and night at 3 Spring St. Among their offerings are tea dances and various hot-bod...
By webteam  |  June 16, 2010

Free Dance Night at Styxx

And with the recent demise of Atomic Tuesdays, Styxx hands this evening over to a crew of electronic DJs, including j.hjort, Vik44, and KTF Tension....
By webteam  |  February 24, 2010

Atomic Tuesdays at Styxx

Atomic Tuesdays, a new dance night, began at the newly revamped Styxx last week. Featuring DJ Mad Zombie and some dangerous drink deals ($1 PBRs,...
By webteam  |  December 02, 2009

Brave new world

How many marriages are born or nursed in our city’s bars?
Styxx’s management sets an oddly pleasant menu
By BRIAN DUFF  |  October 30, 2009

Last call; open season

Over the course of its short lifetime, the White Heart bar and lounge made its mark on Portland's nightlife scene.
Venue Watch
By DEIRDRE FULTON  |  October 09, 2009

Styxx re-opening

After a brief ownership transition, Styxx is already reopened with a loungier look, a tapas menu, and entertainment seven nights a week. The back room,...
By webteam  |  September 30, 2009

Final goodbyes to StyXX

StyXX’s owner is moving to San Diego, and the club is launching a weekend of FINAL CELEBRATIONS with a going-away party tonight. Crazy drink specials...
By Lisa Spinelli  |  August 20, 2009

STYXX performer on NPR

Jessie Sorrentos, better known to Portlanders as the "human disco ball" at STYXX, got some National ...
By Jeff Inglis  |  November 24, 2008