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Same Old Faces

If you're wondering who the geniuses are behind the political campaigns in Massachusetts this year — the strategists, media firms, ad teams, and fundraisers — well, it's a lot of the same folks who have been behind Massachusetts campaigns for a long time
It's an outsider's year for candidates, but the consultants are old Beacon Hill mainstays. Plus, who spent what at the conventions, and Baker goes on TV first.
By DAVID S. BERNSTEIN  |  June 25, 2010

Library woes

In an attempt to save four Boston Public Library branches that are slated to close due to budget shortfalls, some state legislators from Boston have threatened to block all state funding the library receives if it shutters any of its 26 branches.
Plus, Arizona declares war on immigrants
By EDITORIAL  |  April 30, 2010

New and improved Romney

Scott Brown's unexpected victory in last month's special US Senate election captured the attention of the country — and particularly of core Republican voters, who huddled eagerly before their TV screens to watch their hero du jour give his acceptance
He's more fiscal, less social. And he's got millions. But will GOP voters give a Mitt?
By DAVID S. BERNSTEIN  |  February 12, 2010

Fightin’ words

Rudy Giuliani ran his city the way a bachelor does his pad — shoving clutter and disaster out of sight while showcasing redeeming qualities.
Blaq Poet wants to battle
By CHRIS FARAONE  |  July 03, 2009

Interview: Artist, Construction worker Susan Eisenberg

In order to shine some light on the inequality – as well as call attention to the strong, talented tradeswomen who wire this country's buildings, lay out piping systems, and fabricate metals – the local artist and poet Susan Eisenberg, herself a pioneer
On Equal Terms: Women in Construction 30 Years & Still Organizing at the Adams Gallery at Suffolk University.
By IAN SANDS  |  February 06, 2009

Freedom watch: Jailhouse bloc

With aromatic puffs of change, Bay State stoners rejoiced on Election Day.
Want to know the real reason the law-and-order set backs mandatory-minimum sentencing? They get their pockets lined by the 'prison-industrial complex.'


Millenium thug

Forgive me for listing only New York classics here.
Rough, rugged, raw reality rap essentials from a redefining year
By CHRIS FARAONE  |  November 11, 2008

Maverick in a mess

A number of pundits, mostly of the conservative variety, would like you to believe that if Barack Obama wins on Tuesday, it's the mainstream media’s fault. Don't believe a word of it.  
If McCain loses, is it the mainstream media's fault?
By STEVEN STARK  |  October 29, 2008

McCain’s crooked talk on torture

It might surprise some that McCain’s record in opposing torture and the Bush administration’s terror-war approach is more complicated than his comments suggest.
Critics, including a local former army interrogator, say he’s trying to play both sides of the issue
By IAN DONNIS  |  September 17, 2008

Breaking the press

The narrative of this campaign was supposed to be how a triumphant Obama rode discontent against the Bush administration to an overwhelming victory.
Democrats need to look past the media's feel-good coverage of Obama and deal with the realities of the campaign
By STEVEN STARK  |  August 13, 2008

How Giuliani’s presidential campaign came undone

Your superior correspondents last week had a close encounter with a couple of creatures who qualify in Vo Dilun as authentic endangered species: Republican legislators.
GOP Minority Leader Watson reveals all at Nick-a-Nee’s
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  April 09, 2008


See spot run

The roughly 205,000 campaign ads that have run on American TV so far this primary season have undoubtedly played a major electoral role.
Candidates seeking the Oval Office are blitzing the airwaves with political ads. But only one seems to be making any traction.
By LESLIE SAVAN  |  February 13, 2008

Vote for Obama

If ever there were a need for clarity — of purpose and resolve — it is now.
Barack offers America the best chance for a fresh start
By EDITORIAL  |  February 06, 2008

The cuteness surge

Cuteness, of course, is the collective cultural cure-all to our problems.
Why, in desperate times, we turn to lolcats, twee songs, and mute kittens
By SHARON STEEL  |  February 01, 2008

Super preview

“We came back,” he says. “We came back . . . dear God, [but] not far enough!”
Clinton and McCain shouldn’t write their acceptance speeches just yet
By STEVEN STARK  |  January 30, 2008

Reaming Romney

Part of me hopes that Mitt Romney will win the Republican nomination because it will be easy for the Democrats to destroy him in the general election.
Letters to the Boston editor, January 25, 2008
By BOSTON PHOENIX LETTERS  |  January 23, 2008


Who said Freddy’s dead?

The Republican race is coming into focus. Well, sort of.
If the Republican convention deadlocks, a modern-day Warren G. Harding could emerge as a surprise neutral nominee
By STEVEN STARK  |  January 23, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: California gleaming

According to a poll obtained exclusively by the Boston Phoenix , Hillary Clinton leads Barack Obama by 11 percentage points in California.
Romney gains on McCain in crucial Golden State contest; Clinton's lead holds steady
By DAVID S. BERNSTEIN  |  January 22, 2008

Let Kravitz rule

International retro heartthrob Lenny Kravitz returns to the fold this year with a new album, It Is Time for a Love Revolution .
Interview: A love-in with Lenny
By BEN WESTHOFF  |  January 22, 2008

That’s what he said

More than any other presidential candidate, Barack Obama owes his success to sheer rhetorical power.

Barack Obama sounds just like Deval Patrick. Is that good or bad?

By ADAM REILLY  |  January 17, 2008

Net results

The surprise results in New Hampshire exposed the myth, once and for all, that the Internet has made political reporting and analysis far better than it once was.
Rather than improving political discourse, Internet pundits are making things worse
By STEVEN STARK  |  January 16, 2008

Dressed up for the letdown

I needed to get this column spiffed up, so I headed for the metaphor closet.
Politics and other mistakes
By AL DIAMON  |  January 16, 2008

Old Mitt of the Mountain

Mitt Romney had a golden opportunity a week ago to do something about his inauthenticity problem, the one that even his most ardent supporters in New Hampshire recognize.
How the Romney campaign crumbled and fell in the Granite State primary
By DAVID S. BERNSTEIN  |  January 09, 2008

Going the distance

So far the media storyline on Campaign 2008 is how extraordinary this year’s race has been, with the process dominated by upsets and a renewed call for change.
With two major contests over and done, the nomination process is coming into clearer focus. Who’ll be the last person standing?
By STEVEN STARK  |  January 09, 2008

Hillary's triumph

Hillary Clinton’s breathtaking rebound in New Hampshire is, in a very real way, in line with Barack Obama’s Iowa win: it confounded expectations.
Plus, why Obama still matters, and the Edwards factor
By EDITORIAL  |  January 09, 2008

Dubya’s final countdown

So the countdown begins on the last year in office of the cross-eyed, flash card-taught, flight suit-wearing little cowboy.
Thanks be, time’s running down on his disastrous presidency
By PHILLIPE AND JORGE  |  January 02, 2008


The Granite State’s last hurrah

In a few days, New Hampshire voters will take their quadrennial place at the center of American politics, and this time, the stakes will be even higher than usual.
This could be the last election in which the New Hampshire primary, and its quaintly irrelevant retail politics, really matters
By ADAM REILLY  |  January 02, 2008

Five alive

After a historically long pre-caucus campaign, the 2008 race for the presidency is finally in gear in Iowa.
Because demography is political destiny, pay heed to the factors that will tip the race to Clinton or Obama
By STEVEN STARK  |  December 31, 2007

Primary concerns

The last thing people are looking for when they go to the movies is a reminder of the political crapola they are trying to escape.
2008 releases offer campaign reform
By PETER KEOUGH  |  December 28, 2007

McCain still able

Until the past week or so, the press had pretty much written off John McCain’s chances of gaining the GOP nomination.
If the Arizona Senator can rally to win the GOP nomination, he’ll likely be our next president
By STEVEN STARK  |  December 26, 2007