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Johnny English

Review: Johnny English Reborn

Like 2007's underrated Mr. Bean's Holiday, Johnny English Reborn, directed by Oliver Parker, improves on its unwatchable predecessor.
A small improvement
By ANN LEWINSON  |  October 21, 2011

Crossword: ''Vote early''

An invasion of the first six states to cast ballots
By MATT JONES  |  January 23, 2008

Mr. Bean's Holiday

He appears to be on a holiday of his own — from any faintly realistic notion about his audience.
An uncalled-for sequel
By CHRIS WANGLER  |  August 22, 2007

Keeping Mum

In Niall Johnson’s minor but enjoyable British black comedy, Maggie Smith is a Mary Poppins–like houseservant with a penchant for homicide who’s the new hire, out in the provinces, of a British family in distress. Watch the trailer for Keeping Mum  
Mr. Belvedere with a cleaver
By GERALD PEARY  |  September 27, 2006