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Straight talk(1)

Neurotic humor is Richard Lewis's style, as the series Anything But Love and Curb Your Enthusiasm, his many late-night-TV appearances, film roles, and cable specials, and his book, The Other Great Depression, all attest.  
Richard Lewis gets serious
By RICHARD ANTONE  |  February 18, 2011

Review: Barney's Version

The title narrator of Mordecai Richler's novel has the virtues of consistency and a compelling, comic voice — a TV producer with three blighted marriages and a murder rap behind him, he's a prick and proud of it.
Tale of a sad-sack chick magnet
By PETER KEOUGH  |  January 29, 2011

Interview: Richard Lewis

"My dream [today] was bad. It was like a Jewish, Fellini-esque dragons-with-skulls-and-ex-girlfriends."
Richard Lewis can't stop himself
By CHRIS FARAONE  |  December 18, 2009

AG’s office deploys new tool against hateful speech

Freedom of speech is a hallmark of American democracy.
Civil rights
By RICHARD C. LEWIS  |  August 02, 2006

Outcry saves Johnny B’s in Cranston

So often, it seems, historic structures are relegated to the scrap heap, an afterthought in the drive for progress, in society’s drive for newer, bigger and better.
Diner dilemma
By RICHARD C. LEWIS  |  May 31, 2006

In-state tuition for undocumented immigrants?

Illegal immigrants in Rhode Island can get an education through high school, but the guarantee ends there. If they want to go to college in the state, they must pay the same tuition as out-of-state students.
Education = Opportunity
By RICHARD C. LEWIS  |  May 24, 2006


RI politicians seem helpless to stem gas price surge

The worry marks lining politicians’ faces in Rhode Island are getting deeper as gasoline prices keep climbing, and the public seeks a quick fix — or at least someone to blame for the problem.
Energy crunch
By RICHARD C. LEWIS  |  May 17, 2006

RI goes (a little) green - side

By  |  April 13, 2006

Energy czar - side

By  |  April 13, 2006

Energy czar

Governor Carcieri did not have to look far when he wanted someone to size up the energy situation in Rhode Island.
Dzykewicz tries to make sense out of Rhode Island’s energy policy
By RICHARD C. LEWIS  |  April 12, 2006

RI goes (a little) green

As Rhode Islanders shed their heavy coats and wel­come spring, chances are they won’t remember this past fall and winter for the relatively mild weather.
Surging energy costs are leading the state to tap alternative sources once viewed as flaky or unproven
By RICHARD C. LEWIS  |  April 12, 2006


The devil and his demons

Vinny Paz struts into the charity fundraiser for the special olympics at the Rhode Island Convention Center in a slick, gray pinstripe suit, with gold hoop earrings in his ears.
After blowing the millions he made as a boxer, Vinny Paz tries to find his way back
By RICHARD C. LEWIS  |  March 09, 2006