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The self-published come to BEA

Kenneth Brown stood in a remote corner of Manhattan's Javits Center floor.
On writers row
By EUGENIA WILLIAMSON  |  July 06, 2012

Harper's Magazine, 1850-1980

It seems but a moment ago that the sound of Dylan and Baez, the Beatles and the Stones reverberated through a world bent on catastrophe. Has it been almost 20 years?
The legacy of Willie Morris and Lewis H. Lapham
By MARCO TRBOVICH  |  June 25, 2010

Twilight of the superheroes

While riding the New York subway one warm night in 1922, Hotchkiss-schooled, Yale-educated Henry Robinson Luce conjured the name of his epoch-defining magazine after spotting an arresting advertising placard.
The ghost of Time Inc.’s Henry Luce haunts Bill Keller, Executive Editor of the New York Times
By PETER KADZIS  |  April 30, 2010

Words around town

“Every writer I know has trouble writing,” said Joseph Heller. Let that serve as comfort.
Our fair city is chock full of people who write well and are willing to teach you their trade.
By NINA MACLAUGHLIN  |  April 30, 2010

Brave new Globe?

Sizing up the Boston Globe 's recent past is easy: simply put, in the past 12 months, the paper has seen enough gut-wrenching drama to change the name of Morrissey Boulevard to Melrose Place. But forecasting the paper's future is another matter.
With a new publisher and a bevy of edit changes, is the Boston Globe  poised for a new chapter?
By ADAM REILLY  |  January 29, 2010


Fourth-estate follies, 2009 edition

Between the rise of the Web, the ADD-addling of America, the fragmentation of any national political consensus, and the devastated economy, working in the press can feel a bit like manning the Titanic — and this year, the entire industry seemed to te
The Phoenix's second annual year in media malfeasance
By ADAM REILLY  |  December 25, 2009

The Globe's biggest union expels its head

What a difference six months make.
Union Blues Dept.
By ADAM REILLY  |  December 11, 2009

Newspapering the hard way

Tom Heslin, executive editor of the Providence Journal , does not say much in public about the broadsheet. And little surprise. The ProJo , which demands transparency elsewhere, has issued a long string of “no comments” about its own affairs.
As the ProJo Turns
By DAVID SCHARFENBERG  |  November 06, 2009

Philadelphia Story

The local-media story line of the moment is the push by Stephen Taylor — Milton resident, Yale media lecturer, and former Boston Globe executive VP — to recapture the paper his family ran for more than a century, a goal he's pursuing with the backin
What Steve Taylor needs to know if he succeeds in buying the Globe
By ADAM REILLY  |  October 02, 2009

Bound for greatness

Twenty years ago, Damon and Naomi founded Exact Change, a small publishing house (okay, a small publishing room) specializing in a wide range of near-forgotten texts from the far-flung fringes of Dada, Surrealism, Fluxus, and other outcroppings of the 2
An Exact Change sampler
By MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  September 18, 2009


Menino's junked mail

Two years ago, when I wrote a column griping about the Boston media's apathy-inducing disinterest in city politics, Boston Globe metro editor Brian McGrory told me his paper had given the lackluster 2007 elections as much coverage as they deserved, b
The Globe ratchets up the intensity in Boston's mayoral race. Plus, the Times Co. gets some love from the Globe newsroom and BU books blowhard Bill O'Reilly.
By ADAM REILLY  |  September 18, 2009

Mr. Respectable

Last Wednesday, oft-vilified media mogul Rupert Murdoch announced that News Corp. — parent company of (among others) the Times of London, the New York Post , and Fox News — will soon begin charging readers for access to all its news sites.
What's behind Rupert Murdoch's paid-content push? Plus, the ambitions of BoMag's new editor.
By ADAM REILLY  |  August 14, 2009

The Times Co.'s super-potent silent treatment

In an earnings conference call last week, Janet Robinson, the president and CEO of the New York Times Co., had choice words — make that one  choice word — for published reports on the Times Co.'s attempts to unload the Boston Globe.
If a tree falls in the Forest Dept.
By ADAM REILLY  |  July 31, 2009

The New York Times Co.'s baffling Globe strategy

It's no mystery why the New York Times Co. threatened, two months ago, to shutter the Boston Globe unless the paper's unions provided $20 million in concessions.
Come sale away
By ADAM REILLY  |  June 12, 2009

Solutions for the newspaper industry

Keep eliminating comics!
Big Fat Whale
By BRIAN MCFADDEN  |  April 17, 2009


Dance, Monkey!: Joe Madaus

Every week we put a comic in the hotseat this week's victim.......
Loves to go whaling
By SARA FAITH ALTERMAN  |  March 26, 2009

Mixed book bag

It looks like a good season run-up to beach reads, with new fiction from Denis Johnson and Aleksandar Hemon, biographies of Gabriel García Márquez and Cornelius Vanderbilt, and John Updike's final collection of poetry.
Reads to thaw out with
By BARBARA HOFFERT  |  March 16, 2009

Dailies go Darwin

If you're a tree, you're probably feeling pretty good right now.
Reports of newspapers' death are exaggerated — but after the changes coming in 2009, will we still recognize them?
By ADAM REILLY  |  December 30, 2008

Fourth-estate follies!

Granted, other years have had flashier media embarrassments (Jayson Blair, Stephen Glass), but that doesn't mean that 2008 lacked for media misdeeds.
Remembering the year in media malfeasance
By ADAM REILLY  |  December 23, 2008

The Fox and the Wolff

No point in looking for an explanation or asking "why" something was said or done; Murdoch has no demonstrated ability to do so.
How did a controversial media reporter get total access to the most — and perhaps most  — newspaper man in the world? He just asked.
By DANIEL MCCARTHY  |  December 17, 2008


Buyout implemented, life continues on Fountain Street

Whether by accident or by design, there was little evident fallout of the latest Providence Journal buyout in the days after 22 employees ended their time at the ProJo.
As The ProJo Turns
By IAN DONNIS  |  September 17, 2008

YA Hotness (in honor of Sharon)

What better way to bid a bloggy farewell to Sharon than to address a few of her favorite things -- hot publishing deals, hot young...
By Sharon Steel  |  June 24, 2008

Q&A with Rose Metal Press founders

In this week's Portland Phoenix, I review the latest offering from Boston-based Rose Metal Press: A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness: four chapbooks of short short...
By Importer  |  June 11, 2008

Q&A with Rose Metal Press founders

In this week's Portland Phoenix, I review the latest offering from Boston-based Rose Metal Press: A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness: four chapbooks of short short...
By Sharon Steel  |  June 11, 2008

Booked up

Summertime, and the reading is easy.
Several shelves’ worth of summer reads
By BARBARA HOFFERT  |  June 09, 2008

The Ax and Pen of a Literary Critic

The Ax and Pen of a Literary Critic

We know that the point of this New York Times Sunday Styles piece on N+1 editor and author Keith Ges...
By Sharon Steel  |  April 28, 2008
Unaccustomed Earth's Swift Rise

Unaccustomed Earth's Swift Rise

Yesterday, we told you about Sloane Crosley's debut on the Times's nonfiction paperback bestseller l...
By Sharon Steel  |  April 15, 2008
365 Days, 365 Ways

365 Days, 365 Ways

A Year of Magical Thinking, illustration via the ObserverSorry for the Observer-centric coverage of ...
By Sharon Steel  |  April 01, 2008

All the Sad Young Literary Hotties

Keith Gessen: Author, broad-shouldered man. The Observer is really doing some excellent shoe-leather...
By Sharon Steel  |  March 27, 2008