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Review: Jackass 3D

If physical comedy's overriding purpose is to make fools laugh out loud, then the first two Jackass films should be regarded alongside Buster Keaton's slapstick classics.
A bittersweet reunion of the Wild Boys
By CHRIS FARAONE  |  October 22, 2010

New to DVD: December, 20 2006

Plus the Black Dahlia and The Last Kiss .
  The Descent, Factotum, Jackass: Number Two
By NEW TO DVD  |  December 19, 2006

Jackass: Number Two

Is there such a thing as Equus HIV? For the sake of Chris Pontius, a member of Johnny Knoxville’s Jackass troupe, I hope not. Watch the trailer for Jackass: Number two  (QuickTime)
Jackass indeed
By BRETT MICHEL  |  September 20, 2006