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A Beatle gets a ballet

The synopsis for the new Peter Martins/Paul McCartney ballet Ocean's Kingdom reads like a pastiche of 19th and early-20th-century plots.
Oceanic love
By MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  September 30, 2011

Sparring with the Ultimate

There’s never been a more brilliant exemplar of the ballet art than George Balanchine.
Boston Ballet in The Four Temperaments, Apollo, and Theme and Variations
By MARICA B. SIEGEL  |  May 14, 2010

More Jewels

Get your Jewels bearings

By JEFFREY GANTZ  |  March 04, 2009

Quo vadis?

“Next Generation” is the kind of ballet-program title that might have you asking yourself what happened to “This Generation."
Boston Ballet’s ‘Next Generation’
By JEFFREY GANTZ  |  March 10, 2008

Tragic tropes and anti-tropes

The only question to ask about a new Romeo and Juliet, besides “Why?”, is “Why New York City Ballet?”
NYCB's Romeo , Boston Ballet's Giselle
By MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  May 18, 2007

Links to a legacy

In her Pillow Talk at Jacob’s Pillow last weekend, Suzanne Farrell was asked what she expects of the young dancers who are reviving George Balanchine’s ballets under her direction.
Suzanne Farrell at Jacob’s Pillow
By MARCIA B. SIEGEL  |  July 11, 2006