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Numbed by Numbers

Such a difficult task, bringing horrific historical events to theatrical life. Ironically, the more vast the horror, the more difficult the challenge. Imagine the full sweep of something as enormous as the Holocaust reduced to stage scale.
Children of the Dnipro  should show, not tell
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  June 12, 2009

Dance in fall

This fall’s offerings of dance performances have an international flavor, as well as featuring the talents of Rhody-grown dance groups.
Must-see moves
By JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  September 10, 2008

On edge

If a worldwide pandemic of sanity and accord suddenly swept across the continent, we’d not only have to deal without a follow-up to this year’s 4th Annual Fledgling Festival at Perishable Theatre.
Fledgling Festival’s feisty fare
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  August 13, 2008

Mood swings

“All Feet Left” includes dance, theater, live music, and visual art, and the centerpiece of it all is DoubleShift Dance Theatre’s presentation of Walk Away.
DoubleShift’s stimulating Walk Away
By JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  June 17, 2008

Mind Games I

The imagination knows its own way, but it sometimes needs marching orders.
Imagination A-Go-Go at Elemental
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  January 29, 2008

Mixing it up

Perishable Theatre has dedicated itself to being a research theater, adopting a chemistry lab flask in its logo to emphasize the point.
Perishable’s Fledging Festival
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  August 14, 2007


Village people

It’s no news that in increasingly secular Ireland, the pub has been taking the place of the Church.
Irish cultures clash in Midnight Mass
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  June 19, 2007


Think of it as speed dating the US Constitution.
Perishable’s probing Constitutional
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  February 20, 2007

Triple treat

After a hiatus last year, when the artistic directorship was in flux, the future of the International Women’s Playwriting Festival at Perishable Theatre was in doubt for a while.
Perishable Theatre’s Women’s Playwriting Festival
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  October 31, 2006

Works, progress

Perishable Theatre has long been an incubator for writers, directors, and performers.
The Fledgling Festival struts its stuff  
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  August 08, 2006