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Review: I Am

Tom Shadyac found a perfect nest for his low-watt-lightbulb sensibility in today's Hollywood, where he helmed a series of blockbuster comedies that ranged in quality from the passably silly ( Ace Ventura: Pet Detective ) to the unforgivably execrable (
The "new" Shadyac is still a Hollywood hack
By GERALD PEARY  |  April 01, 2011

Political cartoons

Among its hordes of firsts, The Simpsons helped transplant politicians from the cartoon funny pages to our television sets.
The 20 Best Animated Politicians in Cartoon History  
By DAVID MASHBURN  |  July 26, 2007

The Night Listener

Robin Williams mostly recovers from the mess that was R.V. by going serious with an understated performance in Patrick Stettner’s new thriller, which is based on a novel by Armistead Maupin. Watch the trailer for The Night Listener  (QuickTime)
One of the more watchable films
By BROOKE HOLGERSON  |  August 02, 2006