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Review: Andreas

The Greek community in Providence isn't as large as, say Italian or Portuguese, so Greek restaurants are scarce, unless you count pizzerias. (Feta hasn't replaced mozzarella yet, but just you wait.)
Greek (and American) classics
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  April 01, 2011
Todd English means business

Todd English means business

An action hero in a black chef’s coat, Todd English roars up to Olive’s front door on a shiny black Vespa. With the film crew from his PBS series trailing him, he’s picking up in Charlestown where he left off in Tuscany, where he roared out of the frame and into the sunset on a sister bike. (Continuity, the producer says.) You can call him a sell-out and even hate him if you like, but facts are facts: Todd English is Boston’s only chef with a worldwide brand.

I was present at the birth of the first Olive’s in 1989, when it was a low-budget 50-seat restaurant in a neighborhood best
known as “home to all the bank robbers.” (Literally.) In the space of a weekend, Boston fell in love with Olive’s, which took no reservations and was still the top want-to-getin spot in town. Facts are facts: English put
By Louisa Kasdon  |  April 20, 2009

Leftovers: Testing the enduring appeal of some of Boston’s old-school dining favorites

Leftovers: Testing the enduring appeal of some of Boston’s old-school dining favorites

Photos by Mitch Weiss 

Ever been out to dinner and asked yourself, “Damn, is this the hottest restaurant in town right now?” The signs are obvious. Weekend prime-time reservations are like gold. The bar is four-deep with walk-ins waiting an hour-plus for a table. There’s excitement in the air, in your glass, on the plate. You spot a local celebrity or two. You can’t wait to tell your friends how amazing it is. You’re at an “It Place” all right.

Of course, seasoned observers know It Places don’t stay that way for long. Most have their moment in the sun and quickly fade. The crowd that makes it their obsessive business to patronize only the freshest of the fresh has a short attention span — after a few months, it grows bored and moves on, anointing another darling du jour. Tod
By MC Slim JB  |  February 23, 2009