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Short take: Drunkboat

Review: Drunkboat(1)

Despite a title taken from Rimbaud's poem, Bob Meyer's debut has less in common with the wunderkind symbolist than with David Mamet and the Coen Brothers.
Hamming it up
By PETER KEOUGH  |  July 13, 2012
Film Review: Double Trouble

Review: Double Trouble

David Chang's inept martial arts comedy confirms the genius of Jackie Chan.
Inept martial arts comedy
By PETER KEOUGH  |  June 08, 2012

Fame, wealth, and the battle for Newport’s Queen Anne Square

Newport's Queen Anne Square, which measures just over an acre, is a rectangle of grass and trees on the doorstep of historic Trinity Episcopal Church, overlooking the city's yacht-filled harbor. Crisscrossed by brick pathways, it reminds many of a colle
Parks Dept.
By BRIAN C. JONES  |  November 25, 2011
A Dolphin Tale shorttake

Review: A Dolphin Tale

Winter the dolphin gamely plays herself in this loose re-telling of her fight for survival after a crab trap mangles her tail.
Not much of a splash
By ALICIA POTTER  |  September 23, 2011

The challenge: redesign the coastline

We relate to shorelines reactively — we structure ports around jagged edges, avoid dangerous cliffs and fret that climate change will result in Hawaiian islands going the way of Atlantis.
Water Dept.
By NICOLE FRIEDMAN  |  June 10, 2011

Review: Soul Surfer

What are Helen Hunt, Dennis Quaid, and Craig T. Nelson doing in this movie?
Cheese instead of heart
By ALEXANDRA CAVALLO  |  April 08, 2011

Hobgoblin at Mayo Street Artist + Ocean at 1000 Congress St

Your favorite bar is probably doing something cheeky or creepy tonight. Otherwise, two off-the-beaten-path options are lurking if you're still on the haunt. At 6...
By webteam  |  October 27, 2010
Acclaimed Bath author will be at the PPL on Wednesday

Acclaimed Bath author will be at the PPL on Wednesday

"There were so many opportunites to go to sea -- fishing, whaling, coastal carriage, long-haul trade to India, China, the West Indies, and Europe, not...
By Deirdre Fulton  |  October 18, 2010

Wild weekend! From Johnny Lingo to Tinsel Teeth

From Johnny Lingo to Tinsel Teeth
Off the Couch

Ocean + Ghosthunter at Geno's

Local doom giants Ocean, still riding high on the acclaim for their latest album, Pantheon of the Lesser, play at Geno's to kick off a...
By webteam  |  August 25, 2010

Welcome to The World

Something about The World makes my heart beat faster than usual. A combination of terror and excited curiosity, I think. When it docks in Portland...
By Deirdre Fulton  |  August 11, 2010

Leaves of Life from Arborea, and other Portland music news

BUCK AND SHANTI CURRAN , the husband-and-wife team behind ethereal folk band ARBOREA , have been touring nearly non-stop and curating compilations right from their home base in Lewiston.

Krallice, Ocean, Ludicra, AoK Suicide Forest

At Geno’s, April 16
Music Seen
By NICHOLAS SCHROEDER  |  April 23, 2010

Ludicra with Krallice +Ocean + AoK Suicide Foresr at Geno's

It's hard to say who is the most anticipated act at Geno's tonight, as black-metal guitar heroes Mick Barr and Colin Marston bring their band...
By webteam  |  April 14, 2010

By Blood Alone + Ocean at TWO; Clash of the Titans take on Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline

As totally opposite as they are, it's almost impossible to choose which of tonight's two weekly venue-packers is more appealing. At Port City Music Hall's...
By webteam  |  March 17, 2010

Random rules

25 more local musicians meet, greet, and rock at the second 48 Hour Music Festival
25 more local musicians meet, greet, and rock at the second 48 Hour Music Festival
By CHRISTOPHER GRAY  |  March 05, 2010


Short-form Portland

I can hear the snarky comments already: "What?!? Rustic Overtones put out an album this year and Pfeifle hasn't fallen all over himself naming it #1? The sky is green!" But this isn't 1999. It's 2009. And it isn't all that strange for a phenomenal albu
The 10 best LPs and EPs of 2009
By SAM PFEIFLE  |  December 18, 2009

Ocean + Desolate Grace

At Geno’s, November 13
Music Seen
By DAN CLARK  |  November 27, 2009

Ripple effect

The Portland Phoenix launched in 1999, just as the Portland music scene was turning.
The 10 most influential bands of our first 10 years
By SAM PFEIFLE  |  September 18, 2009

Ocean at Geno's

Lastly, the kings of imperious local doom metal, OCEAN, are back in action at Geno’s, with acclaimed guests DARK CASTLES of Florida and the BODY...
By webteam  |  September 09, 2009

Book of the Dead

What happens when Ocean meet Confusatron? Find out when Book of the Dead play at Geno's on Thursday. The group - featuring Ocean's Candy and...
By webteam  |  July 15, 2009

Rock Shows Of Note

Rock Shows Of Note

Rock shows of note: last week’s postponed post-rock/metal showcase featuring OCEAN, Ohio’s LIKE BELLS, and the BALTIC SEA will go down tonight at Port City...
By webteam  |  June 17, 2009

Into the heart of sharkness

Unless you are a spectacularly moronic daredevil hell-bent on getting shark-shanked, New Englanders are more likely to be mowed down by a molasses tsunami or felled by Lizzie Borden's ax than they are to die in the maw of Jaws.
Shark expert Greg Skomal torpedoes the Great White hype
By SHAULA CLARK  |  June 12, 2009


Pantheon of the Lesser, Ocean  
Pantheon of the Lesser, Ocean  
By  |  June 05, 2009

Music Seen: Ocean and Pontiak

The day after Ocean's predictably under-attended (30-40 people) Cinco de Mayo performance at SPACE, a friend who also attended asked what I thought. "So loud," I said. "So slow," he responded. It wasn't hard to catch the reverence in both reactions.
Ocean and Pontiak at SPACE Gallery, May 5
By CHRISTOPHER GRAY  |  May 13, 2009
Pontiak + Ocean

Pontiak + Ocean

 If we returned to our rural backwater roots to pile into a 12-foot-by-12-foot studio and reco...
By Shaula Clark  |  May 02, 2009

Letters to the Portland editor: March 20,2009

Just read the article ("The Outsiders," by Christopher Gray, February 27) and wanted to say thanks.


The outsiders

Ocean's album Pantheon of the Lesser  — a two-track, hour-long, deconstructionist monster — is the linchpin of what's become an exciting moment for the Portland doom metal four-piece.
Ocean join the Pantheon
By CHRISTOPHER GRAY  |  February 25, 2009

Printing Portland

Local artists reclaim mass production
Local artists reclaim mass production
By IAN PAIGE  |  February 18, 2009

Portland music news: February 20, 2009

Somebody should have booked Ray LaMontagne back into Portland before now.
By PORTLAND MUSIC STAFF  |  February 18, 2009