Nightmare on Elm Street

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Sam Costello is Rhode Island's king of dark comics

The farmer desperate to save his dying wife. The aging photographer trying to resurrect his career. The funeral director who goes to extreme measures to cut costs.
The horror!
By CHUCK O'DONNELL  |  October 29, 2010

Review: A Nightmare on Elm Street

The last of the ’80s horror icons to be murdered by producer Michael Bay’s “re-imaginings,” Freddy Krueger was the one least in need of a makeover.
Unnecessary remake a nightmare, indeed
By BRETT MICHEL  |  May 07, 2010
Rock & Shock 11

Photos: Scenes from Rock & Shock 2011 at the DCU Center

Scenes from the seventh annual Rock & Shock horror convention
One Freddy Kreuger, two Jason Voorheeses, a flock of Predators, and a whole lot of horror fans descend on Worcester
By ANDY WARE  |  January 01, 1900