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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds | Push The Sky Away

Much like the similarly low-key The Boatman's Call , Cave's highly anticipated 15th album with the Bad Seeds manages the puzzling feat of making a great band seem inconsequential, if not entirely absent.
Bad Seed Ltd. (2013)
By ZETH LUNDY  |  February 22, 2013

Seasonal forecast: A wintry mix of sounds from A$AP to Depeche Mode

I think that I speak for at least some kind of majority when I say "2012, don't let the door hit ya!"

By DANIEL BROCKMAN  |  December 21, 2012

Nick Cave: An Elvis From Hell

This article originally appeared in the July 24, 1984, issue of the Boston Phoenix. 
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ debut LP From Her to Eternity .
By GERARD COSLOY  |  March 09, 2012
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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds | Expanded Collectors Editions | Let Love In | Murder Ballads | The Boatman's Call | No More Shall We Part

The four classic albums that Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds released between 1994 and 2001 served as a crucial transition.
Mute/EMI (2011)
By ZETH LUNDY  |  May 13, 2011

Grinderman help liberate some bad seeds

Whatever you want to call it, don't call it a midlife crisis.
Cave in
By DANIEL BROCKMAN  |  November 12, 2010

Post-punk pantheon

They were, by definition, misfits.
Daydream Nation  tops our list of 10 landmark albums that made indie rock
By PHOENIX STAFF  |  July 16, 2007


Standard bearer

The late 1970s were a time of ignition. Punk rock set a fuse that burned through every aspect of the arts, and through the lives of those who got close enough to see the sparks and smell the powder.
Kid Congo Powers’s many years of punk
By TED DROZDOWSKI  |  September 14, 2006