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Beer on Broadway: Taking Newport by storm

On Saturday, the snow was finally gone, the air was semi-warm, and the clocks were set to spring ahead in the wee hours of the 10th.
Bottles and cans and just clap your hands
By LOU PAPINEAU  |  March 15, 2013

Photos: Newport Jazz Festival 2012

The Newport Jazz Festival 2012 takes over the Fort Adams State Park in Newport RI on August 3-5, 2012.
Fort Adams State Park, Newport RI | August 3-5, 2012
By JEAN HANGARTER  |  August 10, 2012

Newport Jazz Festival 2012

Every year the Newport Jazz Festival confronts with the same dilemma: how to objectively judge music presented under such variable conditions.
Too hot to cover
By JON GARELICK  |  August 10, 2012

A weekend of wonder at Newport Folk

Everyone was talking about Woody Guthrie at this year's Newport Folk Festival.
All for Woody  
By LIZ PELLY  |  August 03, 2012

In a Newport defeat, lessons for the 99%

The Battle of Queen Anne Square ended in a terrible rout for opponents of a private foundation's plan to renovate a charming, tiny park in downtown Newport.
The Public Square
By BRIAN C. JONES  |  December 30, 2011

Fame, wealth, and the battle for Newport’s Queen Anne Square

Newport's Queen Anne Square, which measures just over an acre, is a rectangle of grass and trees on the doorstep of historic Trinity Episcopal Church, overlooking the city's yacht-filled harbor. Crisscrossed by brick pathways, it reminds many of a colle
Parks Dept.
By BRIAN C. JONES  |  November 25, 2011


Review: Clarke Cooke House

Although it looks a lot more welcome in the middle of Newport's Bannister Wharf than the proverbial blind man's elephant, depending on where you sit in this sprawling 18th-century building, the dining atmosphere can impress you as fun or formal or in-be
A meal for every mood
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  November 18, 2011

Review: Thames Street Kitchen

There's a new restaurant in Newport that may very well give the expression "tsk-tsk" new, enthusiastic meaning.
Getting more than the food right
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  September 23, 2011
#newport #newportfolk  (Taken with instagram)

#newport #newportfolk (Taken with instagram)

#newport #newportfolk (Taken with instagram)
By  |  July 31, 2011

Island Moving Co. and friends

Island Moving Co. in Newport is nothing if not supportive of other dance companies and choreographers, having worked with many from far (Colin Connor) and near (Colleen Cavanaugh) over their 28-year history.
A great group effort
By JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  July 29, 2011

Interview: Kristin Hersh revisits the early days of Throwing Muses in her new memoir, Rat Girl

Twenty-five years ago, Kristin Hersh was a guitarist, singer, and songwriter from Newport whose band Throwing Muses was building a rep for riveting shows around Providence and Boston.
Turmoil and triumph
By EVELYN MCDONNELL  |  September 10, 2010

The aristocrats

As year-round busloads of tourists attest, people will always be fascinated by the stately mansions along Newport's Bellevue Avenue, more than a century after robber baron money and such financed their construction. Even more compelling, upon close exami
Behind the Hedgerow follows the moneyed in Newport
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  August 06, 2010
Newport Jazz Festival in Newport, RI

Newport Jazz Festival in Newport, RI

Lord help you, the massive Newport Jazz Festival begins tonight with latter-day Billy Joel Jamie Cullum (pictured) and Brookline teen-heroine saxophonist Grace Kelly at the...
By Ashley Rigazio  |  August 04, 2010
Newport Folk Festival in Newport, RI

Newport Folk Festival in Newport, RI

A road trip is in order for the Newport Folk Festival, which isn't just for aging hippies anymore. This year's performers include Yim Yames (of...
By Ashley Rigazio  |  July 28, 2010

A towering mystery in Newport

The Newport Tower stands unheralded in a Touro Park in Newport. Most saunter by it without a second thought. Little do they know it is one of the oldest structures in the state — with a provenance, some say, as mysterious as Stonehenge.
By PETER VOSKAMP  |  July 09, 2010

Going hyperlocal: AOL sets its sights on Aquidneck Island

Rhode Island's increasingly crowded media landscape may have a new player soon: AOL is recruiting journalists to run hyperlocal news web sites in Newport, Portsmouth, and Middletown.
By DAVID SCHARFENBERG  |  July 02, 2010


An education funding formula, hailed as a breakthrough, faces its critics

For years, Rhode Island was one of just two states in the union without a funding formula for its public schools. And then, for a time, it was the only state with that dubious dis-tinction.
Fuzzy math
By DAVID SCHARFENBERG  |  June 25, 2010

Art in the air conditioning

From Picasso to William "Shrek" Steig's cartoons, and surfer photos to a Twilight Zone toy store, New England offers art worth traveling to this summer. Here we round up the best in the region, no matter the weather or your artistic inclinations.
Local museums keep you cool — and the art's pretty good, too
By GREG COOK  |  June 18, 2010

It’s good to be king

After being out of the local theater scene for a couple of decades, the Rhode Island Shakespeare Theater (TRIST) is back, staging an outdoor production of Henry VIII at the Roger Williams National Memorial Park, on North Main Street in Providence, thro
TRIST takes Henry VIII outdoors
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  June 18, 2010

Making waves

Rhode Island’s upstart National Public Radio affiliate, WRNI, aims to be nothing less than a major media player here. And in the space of just a couple of years, the station has taken some impressive first steps.
Can WRNI supplant the ProJo as the state’s news king?
By DAVID SCHARFENBERG  |  June 11, 2010

The Barplays Fest brings theater to the pubs

High concept and low-budget, the BarPlays Festival is happening all around Providence June 14 to June 27.
Line Readings and Libations
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  June 11, 2010

It's BiMPy time: Rhode Island Music Awards at Lupo's

Start the weekend off proper.
Off the Couch

Review: The Boat House

Ah, feel that. Maybe this time it’s a spring breeze for real and won’t soon turn into a winter zephyr. Let’s celebrate, go out and grab a nice meal. Where to? Well, one recent answer to the question that didn’t disappoint was the Boat House restaurant i
Interesting seafood and inspiring sunsets
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  May 28, 2010

Review: Anna D Café

A roadside diner on a busy thoroughfare like Route 138 on Aquidneck Island has a captive audience of New York-to-Cape Cod travelers and summer visitors to nearby vineyards.
A creative spin on classic comfort food
By JOHNETTE RODRIGUEZ  |  May 21, 2010

Lullabyes to paralyze

Allysen Callery & Friends visit AS220
Off the Couch

How Rhode Island can eliminate homelessness

Making it a reality is a matter of political will.
The concept is as simple as it is radical: give the homeless a place to live, with no strings attached
By DAVID SCHARFENBERG  |  May 14, 2010

At the Cable Car: The wind-lashed and sea-worn

On a recent Sunday, the usual grad school crowd at the Cable Car Cinema in Providence gave way to something different — the wind-lashed faces and sea-worn hands of Rhode Island’s oft-ignored surfing community.
Surf’s Up
By ABIGAIL CROCKER  |  May 14, 2010

East Bay throwdown

Six Star General at the Common Pub
Off the Couch

Rollin ’n’ tumblin’

Genre-jumping all week long
Off the Couch


Sometimes you don’t want just a taco or two, or the usual burrito stuffed with rice and beans as the quickest way to fill you up.
No sombreros allowed
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  April 09, 2010