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Don't do that

Republicans and libertarians share many similarities. For instance, members of both groups are generally equipped with bladders.
What the GOP, libertarians, and jellyfish have in common
By AL DIAMON  |  March 25, 2011

Il Casale

Il Casale — the "country house"— may be more rustic than Chef Dante de Magistris's magisterial and experimental restaurant Dante in the Cambridge Royal Sonesta, but it ain't no hometown spaghetti shack.
Nothing quaint and everything delicious at Belmont's 'country house'
By ROBERT NADEAU  |  January 08, 2010

Scholarship gigs

When in 1999 Björn Wennås moved from Sweden to Boston to study jazz guitar, he hardly imagined that he'd one day be playing in an ensemble that specializes in Italian folk music of the 12th to 19th centuries.
Newpoli and Steven Bernstein do their homework
By JON GARELICK  |  July 24, 2009

Photos: Dutch Seascapes at Peabody Essex

Dutch Seascapes at Peabody Essex
"The Golden Age of Dutch Seascapes" at the Peabody
By PHOENIX STAFF  |  June 26, 2009

Interview: Paul O'Dette and Stephen Stubbs

"Opera fans have often puzzled over the fact that Poppea  does not appear to have a character the audience wants to root for, since everyone has seriously objectionable traits."
The BEMF does Poppea
By JEFFREY GANTZ  |  May 29, 2009

Play by Play, May 8, 2009

Theater around town
Plays from A to Z 
By JEFFREY GANTZ  |  May 08, 2009

Play by Play: May 1, 2009

Theater around town
Plays from A to Z
By CAROLYN CLAY  |  May 01, 2009

Play by Play: April 24, 2009

Theater around town
Plays from A to Z
By CAROLYN CLAY  |  April 24, 2009

Commedia tonight

David Grimm's entertaining The Miracle at Naples , which the Huntington is premiering in a lively production by artistic director Peter DuBois at the Calderwood Pavilion (through May 9), is a commedia dell'arte.
David Grimm's Miracle delivers
By STEVE VINEBERG  |  April 24, 2009

Play by play: April 17, 2009

Theater around town
 Plays from A to Z
By CAROLYN CLAY  |  April 17, 2009

Play by Play: April 10, 2009

Plays around town
Plays A to Z
By CAROLYN CLAY  |  April 10, 2009

Play by play: April 3, 2009

Plays around town
Plays A to Z
By CAROLYN CLAY  |  April 01, 2009

Play by Play: March 27, 2009

A compilation of theater productions in and around Boston
Plays A to Z
By CAROLYN CLAY  |  March 24, 2009

Spring awake

Head to the American Repertory Theatre's Zero Arrow Theatre for the world premiere of Christine Evans's TROJAN BARBIE (March 28–April 22).
Local stages bloom
By LIZA WEISSTUCH  |  March 16, 2009

Interview: Roberto Saviano

Roberto Saviano knew what his mission was a dozen or so years ago, when he was 16.
Fire and brimstone from Gomorrah 's author
By PETER KEOUGH  |  February 24, 2009

City of the slain

Gomorrah's meaner streets
Gomorrah's meaner streets
By PETER KEOUGH  |  February 24, 2009


Grand seductions

If you've been desirous of an eminently tasteful exhibit that undermines the sanctity of marriage, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum's "The Triumph of Marriage: Painted Cassoni of the Renaissance" may be for you.
Marriage at the Gardner, decoration at Montserrat, Milton Rogovin at Kayafas
By GREG COOK  |  December 16, 2008


The installation is a bit of a shift for Whiteread, who’s best known for making plaster, rubber, resin, or concrete casts of old used mattresses, a staircase, the entire interior of rooms.  
Rachel Whiteread’s dollhouse village at the MFA, Erwin Redl’s red-light district at Emerson
By GREG COOK  |  October 21, 2008

Mangia Pizza

Mangia channels a little bit of Naples with a thin crust and simple sauce of San Marzano tomatoes, but it doesn’t hew to the canon the way Gran Gusto does.  
Hanging tough with a featherweight crust
By MC SLIM JB  |  October 09, 2008

Gran Gusto

Gran Gusto is an Italian delight located as close to the middle of nowhere as it gets in North Cambridge.
A well-kept secret . . . But not for long
By ROBERT NADEAU  |  September 03, 2008

New York Pizza

After years of willful neglect, I finally gave New York Pizza a whirl — and now regret not visiting sooner.
A pretty good slice, despite the dubious branding strategy
By MC SLIM JB  |  June 04, 2008


Trattoria Gran Gusto

A popular topic in Boston’s online dining forums is “Where can I find great New York–style pizza?”
Una notte a Napoli
By MC SLIM JB  |  December 26, 2007

Brown puts Italian epic painting online

The problem with an enormous piece of art, though, is where to do you put it?
Big art
By GREG COOK  |  December 05, 2007

That’s amore

The invention of pizza in the 17th century coincided with a turning point for the most enduring sex-adverse culture in history — Catholicism.
Indian pizzas — and others — tempt Portland with sultry spice
By BRIAN DUFF  |  November 28, 2007

After hours

House music — that surprise descendant of disco and of so many other, older rhythm styles — is big in Boston and becoming bigger very fast. So let’s cut right to the chase and take you into a couple of house’s power stations to see what’s going on.
The rising pulse of Boston’s house-music beat
By MICHAEL FREEDBERG  |  January 17, 2007

Crossword: 'Don't say it'

I hate the starred entries, and so should you!
By MATT JONES  |  January 10, 2007

Crossword: 'On the same page'

This is the puzzle to turn to
By MATT JONES  |  October 26, 2006

Film angel

Janet Gaynor was the first actress to win the Academy Award, and in her day — the late-silent and early-talkie eras — she was fantastically popular, especially in the 11 movies she made with the likable, curly-haired Charles Farrell.
Janet Gaynor at the Harvard Film Archive
By STEVE VINEBERG  |  September 27, 2006

Venice Restaurant

Driving through a cold and rainy South County, we were summoned by a place that beckons like a campfire in the winter woods.
  A Westerly restaurant that's just like mama’s kitchen  
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  January 12, 2006