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PAX East in Boston

At PAX, everyone gets along

PAX East came to the Boston Convention Center this past weekend, bringing 69,500 gamers together for three days of video and computer-game demos, nerdcore concerts, panel discussions about the industry and gamer culture at large, and chances to meet the
Game faces
By MADDY MYERS  |  March 18, 2011

Gaming, rape culture, and how I stopped reading Penny Arcade

One September evening in 2005, I sat in a packed MIT lecture hall and watched as Mike Krahulik drew the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory on a blackboard.
When dickwolves attack
By MADDY MYERS  |  March 04, 2011

Photos: PAX East 2010 (Saturday)

Not pictured: Guy dressed as an enormous Fruit Fucker 2000
At the Hynes Convention Center | March 27, 2010
By DAVE BARKER  |  April 02, 2010

PAX East 2010 (Sunday) Video: Jerry & Mike Answer Fans' Questions

Don't ask me why Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik (author and artist of the webcomic Penny Arcade) chose to back their dramatic entrance with Katt...
By Maddy Myers  |  March 29, 2010