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Prince of darkness

Gordon Willis, the master cinematographer to whom the Harvard Film Archive pays tribute in a seven-film retrospective beginning this Friday,
Gordon Willis at the Harvard Film Archive
By STEVE VINEBERG  |  November 20, 2009

Review: The Godfather II

If adapting the Godfather series means stripping it of subtext and amplifying the thuggery, that may be the greatest imaginable indictment of video games as a medium.
Going against the family
By MITCH KRPATA  |  April 24, 2009

The Good Shepherd

The CIA and the Mafia have been in bed together at least since the Bay of Pigs in 1961, so why shouldn’t Robert De Niro turn the former’s history into a blue-blood version of The Godfather ? Watch the trailer for The Good Shepherd  (QuickTime)
A blue-blooded Godfather
By PETER KEOUGH  |  February 20, 2007

Howie Carr blows up

It’s Friday, and Howie Carr Incorporated is in full flog for his new book, The Brothers Bulger (Warner Books).
As Whitey makes him famous, the Bulger -scribe doesn’t have to worry about facts
By DAVID BOERI  |  March 16, 2006