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Best Music Party!

Brace thy eardrums for BAYLIES BAND , OLNEYVILLE SOUND SYSTEM , and HEADLESS NIXON at Fête (401.383.1112) on THURSDAY (the 7th).
Be at the Met on 6.11!
metal art 3

Newton's New Art Center exposes heavy metal from within

Named for a Candlemass song, staged in a former church, and curated by a pair of noise-loving MassArt grads, the upcoming group show "We Still See the Black" brings a thunderous charge of wrathful, subtle, beguiling, and teeming contemporary art to Newto
The black art
By CARLY CARIOLI  |  August 26, 2011
more big 4

Why there won't ever be another 'Big Four' - and why that's a good thing

In April, thrash metal's self-billed "Big Four" — Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax — played a one-off American show in the middle of the desert in Indio, California.
The state of metal
By DANIEL BROCKMAN  |  August 26, 2011

Disco stew

I’ve never been to a disco band’s practice space, but I figured it would involve lots of velvet, mirrors, and other visions borrowed from the foggy-lens films they used to show at roller rinks. Was that naive of me?
Mystery Roar are more than just four-on-the-floor
By MATT PARISH  |  April 23, 2010

New Mystery Roar video: "Mayhem"

Mayhem - Mystery Roar from Mystery Roar on Vimeo. So this insanely rad new video for Mystery Roar's "Mayhem" finds my favorite local smoove disco...
By webteam  |  April 12, 2010

Review: Until The Light Takes Us (2008)

Corpse paint, odes to the underworld, music that summons the brutal, cut-to-the-bone Arctic chill of Scandinavia — this is Norwegian black metal.
Darkness with a capital 'D'
By SHAULA CLARK  |  February 12, 2010