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The blockbusters bloom early in 2012

In keeping with the winter that never was, summer comes early this year — on movie screens, at least, if not meteorologically — with the big blockbusters that usually wait until Memorial Day now appearing in March.
Springboard to summer
By PETER KEOUGH  |  March 02, 2012
the first avenger, short take captain america

Review: Captain America: The First Avenger

Joe Johnston's adaptation of the Marvel comic book exalts the virtues of optimism, decency, and perseverance in a rousing adventure of old-fashioned adolescent exuberance.
Rueful innocence and sneaky humor
By PETER KEOUGH  |  July 29, 2011

The Top Five Reasons You Should Be Upset You Are Not Going to Comic Con

Comic Con 2011 begins today in San Diego, as if every nerd were not already painfully (or joyfully, if attending) aware. Laser Orgy is here...
By Kelly Dickinson  |  July 21, 2011

Comics fest returns, with kids up front

If you have any doubt that comic books are ascendant in popular culture, look no farther than the film Thor , based on the Marvel adaptation of the Norse god, which has earned more than $344 million in less than a month in theaters.
Page Life
By RICK WORMWOOD  |  May 20, 2011
Thor list

Review: Thor

Not as much fun as Iron Man, Kenneth Branagh's take on Marvel's God of Thunder is nevertheless an electrically charged superhero romp while being less of an extended Avengers advertisement than Iron Man 2.
 Love blooms alongside the war
By BRETT MICHEL  |  May 06, 2011
Marvel considers short films for second-string heroes

Marvel considers short films for second-string heroes

  Rumor has it that Marvel wants to introduce audiences to their lesser-known characters via short films. They'll probably do the honors for the expected:...
By Maddy Myers  |  June 21, 2010

Apple's iPad & the Marvel Comic Reader

No, I don't have an Apple iPad -- so watching CNET's Natali Del Conte dextrously unwrap that device felt strangely voyeuristic. Not that fresh tech...
By Maddy Myers  |  April 02, 2010
Iron Man 2 pics leaked

Iron Man 2 pics leaked

Iron Man 2 pictures have been making the rounds. We've known about War Machine for a while, but now we finally get to see Scarlett...
By Maddy Myers  |  December 04, 2009

The Rising Market of Comic Art

Compared to last year's Con, this year's New York Comic Art Convention went down as smooth as the Ooze That Walked Like a Man. Last year's convention was thick with the angst of dozens of young fans who had scripts and art to show the editors in so-call
At the New York Comic Art Convention
By MIKE BARON  |  October 23, 2009

Our superheroes, ourselves

Is there a breed of person more tenderly optimistic, more winsomely hopeful for the best, more loyal to the possibility of good, than the American summer moviegoer?
What the current crop of comic-book action movies tells us about America's identity crisis
By JAMES PARKER  |  July 09, 2008