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Moving performances at SPACE

Quite a few evolutions have taken shape over the last year at SPACE Gallery, including the opening of the Annex and the redesign of the main gallery, which just turned ten years old.
Warming up winter
By MEGAN GRUMBLING  |  January 04, 2013

Lady Zen, Marita Kennedy-Castro, and more at SPACE Gallery's New Year's gala

SPACE Gallery's New Year's gala, "Icing," features the most diverse collection of performances Portland has to offer. A crisp $50 admits you to party with...
By webteam  |  December 29, 2010

Give and learn

We shudder to repeat the clichéd adage about teaching a man to fish . . . But it's true that education offers deep rewards — ones that last longer, in many cases, than physical items.
Instructional gifts are a joy for the giver and receiver alike
By DEIRDRE FULTON  |  December 11, 2009

Antics ever + anon

Casco Bay Cabaret rollYou may have tossed out your noisemakers and extra lampshades on New Year’s Morning, but the antics of the season certainly aren’t over yet.
Casco Bay Cabaret rolls around for the eighth time
By MEGAN GRUMBLING  |  January 10, 2007