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Family feud

 Politics + Other Mistakes
 Politics + Other Mistakes
By AL DIAMON  |  August 08, 2013

Democrats wring their hands

Interviewed separately at the Democratic State Convention, Chellie Pingree and Mike Michaud gave identical responses to the question of what would it take for the Democrats to triumph in November.
State Convention Watch
By LANCE TAPLEY  |  June 08, 2012

Glorification of failure

The last time the Maine Democratic Party had a competitive candidate in a statewide political race was in 2006, when John Baldacci was re-elected governor. And that was hardly a landslide. Even with Baldacci's incumbency, he got barely 38 percent of the
The Maine Democratic Party
By AL DIAMON  |  March 30, 2012

What they write about

Thanks for coming to my power-point presentation.
The Maine Democratic Party's US Senate prospects
By AL DIAMON  |  February 17, 2012

Out of ideas

I'm trying to help the Maine Democratic Party by coming up with a slogan for its big comeback attempt in the 2012 election.
Lending a hand to the Maine Democratic Party
By AL DIAMON  |  February 11, 2011

Can Maine's Democrats come back from the dead?

Let's skip over several huge problems the Maine Democratic Party faces as it tries to recover from its historic losses in November, when for the first time since 1964 the Republicans took control of both houses of the Legislature and the governorship.
Or have they been Republicans for too long?
By LANCE TAPLEY  |  January 21, 2011

Foolish dreams

There’s nothing in the Maine Democratic Party’s platform about free beer.
Maine Democratic Party offers a lot of freebies, beer is not one of them
By AL DIAMON  |  May 28, 2010

Cleaning up Maine's sleaze

When tourists admire Maine's picturesque waterfronts, they aren't close enough to smell the barrels reeking with rotting lobster bait.
Politicians have left it to the people
By LANCE TAPLEY  |  March 18, 2009

And the award goes to...

The Gaggie Awards are back.
Politics and other mistakes
By AL DIAMON  |  June 11, 2008

Know your superdelegates

If they choose wisely, they’ll follow the will of the people all the way into the Oval Office.
Democratic insiders in Maine and throughout the country will decide the party's nominee
By BRIDGET HUBER  |  March 12, 2008

A “good” tax break in the making

Legislative leadership supports it, and so does Governor John Baldacci. Last year, the Taxation Committee gave it a unanimous “ought to pass” report. It looks golden.
Historic rehab
By LANCE TAPLEY  |  February 20, 2008

Inarticulate speech of the heart

Incoherent politicians are as common as criminals. Although not quite as beneficial to society.
Politics and other mistakes
By AL DIAMON  |  December 05, 2007

Political theater of the absurd

It was right out of the theater of the absurd or George Orwell: if certain people say something is true, then it must be true.
Governmental ethics
By LANCE TAPLEY  |  November 01, 2006

Roll your own

The state’s Clean Election system is even grubbier than you thought.
Under Maine’s campaign-finance system, Clean Election candidates get screwed
By LANCE TAPLEY  |  October 25, 2006

Words don’t fit the picture

I was watching a ballgame on TV, when a bunch of people suddenly appeared on the screen saying and doing stupid things, while holding bottles of beer manufactured by a major American brewery.
Politics and other mistakes
By AL DIAMON  |  October 11, 2006

Woodcock's weaknesses

By LANCE TAPLEY  |  October 04, 2006


Playing to win

John Baldacci appears to be on track for re-election November 7, in spite of himself.
Baldacci is starving his opponents before crushing them
By LANCE TAPLEY  |  October 04, 2006
Green party list photo 060906

Grass roots fire fight

During its recent convention, the Maine Green Party transformed itself from a chronically decentralized group of activist-skeptics into a maybe, possibly, if-you-squint-your-eyes-could-be a unified party with a palpable lust for political power.
Maine Greens, burned by internal conflict, struggle to stay alive
By SARA DONNELLY  |  June 07, 2006

Swing the statue

I intend to show my gratitude to this state by commissioning a monument to be placed in some appropriate public space; it would depict historic moments that define Maine’s character (which is, to be honest, kinda weird).
Politics and other mistakes
By AL DIAMON  |  March 22, 2006

Letters to the Portland Editor, March 3, 2006

One of those gems I've learned over the years is this: You can say anything you want to a woman, as long as it’s the right thing.
Readers fire back on the issues of political fundraising, Indian-cuisine lunches

Maine Democratic Party Issues Statement on Alito Nomination and Iraq

On Sunday the Democratic State Committee, the governing body of the Maine Democratic Party, passed  resolutions regarding President Bush's Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito and the Iraq War.
By EDITORIAL  |  February 02, 2006

Maine-ufacturing consent - sidebar

By  |  February 02, 2006