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Photos: WTBU Show with Dirty Virgins, Magic Magic, Abadabad, and Color Channel

Dirty Virgins, Magic Magic, Abadabad, and Color Channel play as part of the WBTU Show at Yes Oui Si on April 14, 2012.
Yes Oui Si | April 14, 2012
By JOE DIFAZIO  |  April 27, 2012

[phlipcam video] Magic Magic @ TTs

 It was an action-packed night in Central Square last night, with each of the three Cambridge rock-club rooms hosting more-than-solid Thursday Night bills -- Dragonette,...
By Michael Marotta  |  August 13, 2010

VIDEO: Notes from Nateva

Portland's own Rustic Overtones and Isobell (video by RogerThat! Productions)First thing I noticed about the Nateva Festival in Maine this past weekend, before any of...
By P. Nick Curran  |  July 09, 2010

BEST MUSIC WEEK: John Shade, Kingsley Flood, and Magic Magic at 5 pm in Downtown Crossing

The countdown to the Phoenix's annual, reader-voted BEST MUSIC POLL is just about over. To find out who won, check online and in the fishwrap...
By Carly Carioli  |  June 09, 2010

Legacy act

What does it say about the current scene when the standard full rock band of two guitars, bass, and drums can seem novel?
Mean Creek look forward to a long road
By P. NICK CURRAN  |  June 05, 2010

Connecting the dots

Nearly a year has gone by in the city of eternal youth turnover and ageless scenesters — and has anything really changed?
In the local scene, anything goes
By MATT PARISH  |  June 05, 2010


SXSW 2010 (Wednesday): [Photos] Brahms, Trespassers William, Magic Magic

Photos of Brahms, Trespassers William, Magic Magic, and Japanther, performing live at SXSW
Plus Japanther, live at SXSW, March 17, 2010
By KELLY DAVIDSON  |  March 19, 2010

52 ways to leave 2009

Your usual lackadaisical approach to New Year's Eve — just see what happens and go with the flow — is not going to cut it this year. Sure, the end of this decade may not have the same kind of new-millennium pressure riding on it as the last one, b
Get your New Year's Eve down to an Auld Lang science.
By SHAULA CLARK  |  January 01, 2010

2009: The year in local pop

When I think back on 2009, I feel the same pleasant discomfort you get at the end of a John Hughes movie, when suddenly all the jocks and dorks and punks are good friends. This year, hardcore denizens of time-worn niches came out of hiding and acted al
The '09 mixtape
By MATT PARISH  |  December 25, 2009
Mp3 of the Week: Hooray for Earth, "Surrounded By Your Friends"

Mp3 of the Week: Hooray for Earth, "Surrounded By Your Friends"

With a band like HOORAY FOR EARTH, who keep one foot in Cambridge and the other in NYC, it'd be very convenient to suggest their...
By Michael Brodeur  |  December 03, 2009

The scene is now

As newspapers cede arbiter status to random bloggers with Fios and afternoons off, the function of polls like our humble offering must change out of necessity. What once was a forecast is now more like a diagnostic — it's anthropology versus tastemakery
What we can learn about Boston from the local winners
By MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  July 31, 2009

ArtBeat 2009

ArtBeat 2009

The theme of this year’s ArtBeat is “Somerville of the Future” — which means that for one weekend (July 17-18), Davis Square will be crawling...
By Shaula Clark  |  July 15, 2009

Cymbals Eat Guitars | Why There Are Mountains

There's good news and bad news about New York quartet Cymbals Eat Guitars and their self-released debut.
Self-released (2009)
By RYAN STEWART  |  April 10, 2009