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Lori McKenna at Stone Soup Coffeehouse

Lori McKenna at Stone Soup Coffeehouse

  "Next time he starts to leave/I'm going to help him to the door" are the nifty opening lines of Lori McKenna's "Sweet Disposition," a...
By webteam  |  February 01, 2011

String sections

All-gal bluegrass/folk outfit RAMBLIN' RED will release their debut disc next week at Mayo Street Arts on January 15.

SXSW 2010 (Thursday): [Photos] On the streets of Austin

Candid shots from the streets of Austin, March 18, 2010
The Phoenix team hits the streets at SXSW 2010
By KELLY DAVIDSON  |  March 19, 2010

Boston music news: June 20, 2008

My, what a busy week! Especially if you want new CDs.
Notes on the 15th anniversary of Toad and more
By MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  June 17, 2008

A winning combination

Fans of the Sox and of local rock once had at least one thing in common: a big inferiority complex.
Hot Stove, Cool Music at the Paradise Rock Club, January 5-6
By MATT ASHARE  |  January 08, 2008

Show and tell

After a brief late-December break from the usual boatload of good shows, the flood picks up right where it left off in early January.
A whole new year of live music
By WILL SPITZ  |  January 04, 2008


Going on sale: December 14, 2007

Holy Fuck, Mika, Liars, and more.
Breaking news from the concert ticket trade
By GOING ON SALE  |  December 12, 2007

Boston, beer, and Bobby Brown

Last weekend at the Orpheum, Bobby Brown was not indicted but inducted.
The 20th-Anniversary BMAs
By JIM SULLIVAN  |  December 09, 2007

Lori McKenna

Lori McKenna had her major-label debut co-produced by Hill’s husband, country superstar Tim McGraw.
Unglamorous | Warner Bros.
By WERNER TRIESCHMANN  |  November 06, 2007

Top 10 local CDs: August 31, 2007

Lori McKenna, Termanology, Receiving End of Sirens, and more.
As reported by Newbury Comics
By TOP 10 LOCAL CDS  |  August 28, 2007

Holding out Hope

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in a bar having a quiet late-afternoon cocktail when I became aware of an insistent, irritating noise.
Mandy Moore does it her way
By CHARLES TAYLOR  |  June 19, 2007


Long time coming

This Friday night at Chan’s you’ll be able to catch Thom Enright and his band the Night Drinkers, with Marty Ballou on bass, Marty Richards on drums, Steve Burke on keys, and Tom Ferraro on guitar.
Thom Enright’s Intoxicated is a heady concoction
By BOB GULLA  |  February 01, 2006

Bully for Woolly

If U2 played regularly at late, lamented underground mill spaces like Fort Thunder, they’d be lucky to sound something like Honeyhander
Honeyhander’s Mannerisms is gripping and fully realized
By BOB GULLA  |  January 18, 2006