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Marking mud time in Portland galleries

Galleries tend to hunker down for the annual Maine economic recession, and are more or less vamping until full spring. Which is OK, since they are often picking from gallery inventory, and they have some good things.
 An afternoon’s wander
By KEN GREENLEAF  |  March 22, 2013

Lois Dodd’s first career retrospective showcases a bright abstractionist

"Lois Dodd: Catching the Light" is the kind of show that reminds you why you got interested in art in the first place. The paintings are terrific and the big, first-floor gallery at the Portland Museum of Art has never looked better.
A brilliant example
By KEN GREENLEAF  |  January 25, 2013

Skip the clichés — this is the real deal

For a few generations now there's been a current of artistic intellectual seriousness in coastal Maine lying obscured beneath the fog of Wyeth popularity and other clichés that fill the galleries, restaurant walls, and roadside stands.
Midcoast modernism
By KEN GREENLEAF  |  September 07, 2012

Aucocisco shows early works from Bernard Langlais and Jean Cohen

A long time ago in a galaxy . . . well, it was just New York and it may seem like ancient history, but it was real life and what happened is part of who we are. We do like our stories about those days, and they quickly accrete the patina, and lack of de
Very fine years indeed
By KEN GREENLEAF  |  January 20, 2012

A peek at Portland art shows in 2012

Degas and the PORTLAND MUSEUM OF ART headline the news for early next year. We're so used to Degas and his point of view it's easy to overlook what a difficult and radical artist he really was.
Radicals and friends
By KEN GREENLEAF  |  December 30, 2011


The big 50th-anniversary exhibition at the Colby College Museum of Art has only about a month left of its eight-month run, so it seems like a good time to revisit this sprawling and worthwhile show.
Highlights of Colby's collection
By KEN GREENLEAF  |  January 29, 2010


Poetic sense

For the last end-of-the-year review I had to rely on the kindness and opinions of others, having just started reviewing again after a long hiatus.
Age of art
By KEN GREENLEAF  |  December 23, 2008

Looking directly

OK, summer’s here and it’s time to please the visitors.
Seeing what summer has to offer
By KEN GREENLEAF  |  June 18, 2008

A look back

“Integrity” is the word that comes to mind while walking through the Lois Dodd show at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art in Rockport.
A longtime Maine artist gets a mini-retrospective
By KEN GREENLEAF  |  May 07, 2008

Greenhut looks at 30

It’s important not to overlook the significance of Greenhut Gallery’s 30th anniversary in business.
The gallery is a great example for others
By KEN GREENLEAF  |  January 16, 2008

Coming alive

Back in the day, winter and early spring used to be a dead zone in the Portland art year, but 2008 seems to be shaping up pretty well.
Portland's art weathers the dead season
By KEN GREENLEAF  |  December 26, 2007



The “Tiny” show at Whitney Art Works is a big group show of very small works.
"Tiny" art makes for a huge show
By KEN GREENLEAF  |  November 20, 2007